5 dollars anyone?

I hate this, two necklaces completely not wearable because I can't get the stinkin things apart. I am not to concerned about the pink one but I love by long black necklace, dang it. Anyway, today I thought I would put the challenge out there and in anyone things they can get this undone, the 5 bucks is yours. I have worked on it several times and I just get mad and quit.
Today is Friday and anyone that knows me knows that is my favorite day of the week. This weekend we are having some old friends come in town and stay with us. I am pretty excited to sleep in my new room in the basement that we just re did. I am also excited to eat pizza tonight and Oklahoma joes tomorrow. That is the perfect combination!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Callie said...

Vikkie, you are on a blog post high aren't you? I love it!

vwiese said...

Callie, don't worry about me blogging so much, can you get this big knot out or not ;)

Rebekah said...

vikkie, i love this blog thing. i mean, it's kind of like myspace, but not at all like myspace. i don't know, i think myspace is kind of lame even though i have a profile that i never look at or post on (i have like only seven friends). so long story short, you make me want to blog. can we share a blog? i don't feel like my life is fun enough to write about, so can i just write about yours? oh and YES, that vay-kay dress was HOT. i wish i could have taken you home that night. so anyway, about the necklace, send it to me. i have no doubt or hesitation that i can get that blasted knot out. i'm pretty sure i can get any jewelry knot out. not to brag, but i'm kind of the master. so here's my new address:
2257 sage
ellenwood, ga
i'll even send it back to you when i'm finished. is this too long of a blog comment?? - i'm new at this. hee hee. i guess...ttyl!

vwiese said...

your comment was not to long, I am just happy to have another person to comment. I will be sending that necklace asap. ;) thanks sister.

Jen said...

Well, I was going to offer to untangle the necklace for you but someone beat me to it! I think I am the only one in the family that will sit and untangle Christmas lights for hours in the living room every year!

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh Vikkie! This is stinking hilarious! I totally know your frustrations. I'd love to take a shot at the knotty necklace, but looks like you already have a taker who claims to be a master. Anyway I just realized two things we have in common, two LOVES we share!! Best day of the week and absolute best KC BBQ!!! FRIDAYS & OKLAHOMA JOES!!

vwiese said...

hey all, thanks so many comments, maybe I need to post about more stuff that is useless info. people seem to be more intrested. thanks to all that wanted to try at the necklace. Rebekah, i might take a kansas person up on this first to save on postage but it is coming your way if they can't get it. Later chicks