what a flop

Ok, I had big plans this week to share some favorite childhood memories and pics but I have not been able to find access to a scanner and I didn't really want to go to kinkos. So for now I am just going to move on to the next week and talk about what I am thankful for since it is Thanksgiving week!! Anyway, I do want to share a picture of my cute dog being packed up to go to Sabetha a few weekends ago. poor boy. Ok, I will try to do better next week.


And finally number three

I am sure I could think of tons of things I would like to do in my lifetime but these last three blocs have just been the ones that first come to mind. The last thing I really want to do is save someone's life. I remember as a child I use the watch rescue 911 hosted by William stammer every week, do you remember that show? This was one of the first reality TV shows that I can remember. So many stories come back to mind about people doing CIPRO on someone they never knew and they saved a life and then they because a part of that persons life and family forever. Not that I would ever wish that someone would start choking while I am out to dinner so I can hurdle over chairs and wait staff to give them the hymlick(have no clue how to spell that one) but it would be pretty cool;)
On a serious note, I have always had a love for caring for people, I think it started watching rescue 911 and then later working in a nursing home and then nannying for family. I just have a deep desire to nurse people to health I guess. Brett will tell you that I love it when he gets sick because he is so needy and I love that feeling of someone needing you and depending on you to help them to feel better. I just think the ultimate would be to save someone else's life. Some may say I save a life every time I car pool since I am not exactly the worlds best driver. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

number two before dying

Ok, no my dream is not to have a number two before dying, I just wanted to indicate that this is the second thing I want to do before kicking the bucket.

Ok, ever since I visited NYC a couple years ago I have been obsessed with it. I love everything about the city, the noise, the lights, the people everywhere, the subways, great restaurants, you name it, I love it. So, I would really love to live there for at least a year just to try it out. I have been trying to get Brett to up and leave with me but he tells me that we need to be saving money and that we can't just up and leave when we have good jobs here. I am like "Brett, we can work in a starbucks or at the Gap or something". Brett is way more responsible with money and overall everything than I am so I am going to follow his lead on this one but I would love it if he came home from work one day and was like "Vikk, pack your bags, we are putting this house on the market tomorrow and we are moving to NYC for a year" I would seriously pee my pants, how stinking fun!!!!! Anyway, this may actually come true some day but now that having baby's in the near future is on our mind, not so sure. ;)
This picture is from my last trip to NYC in the spring with my sisters. Man central park is great, can't you see me hanging out and playing Frisbee with my boy?


"things I want to do before dying"

Welcome to the first blog of this week on what I really want to do before I kick the bucket.

My number one thing that I want to do before dying is to sing on stage like a popstar, yes, I have this weird obsession with the hot popstars like Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson. There are a few things about singing though. I want a different voice, a different body which would include a bigger chest and smaller. I want dance moves that people have never seen and great make up and super sparkles clothes. I just love the thought of being in front of thousands of people and them all coming to watch me. I can't explain it but I just just really want to do that. I often catch myself singing in the car like I am in concert or when Brett is gone and I hear a song on TV starting to make up dance moves. At least Debo is entertained!!! Anyway, that is the first thing I want to do before dying. Stay tuned for more things this week ;)