And finally number three

I am sure I could think of tons of things I would like to do in my lifetime but these last three blocs have just been the ones that first come to mind. The last thing I really want to do is save someone's life. I remember as a child I use the watch rescue 911 hosted by William stammer every week, do you remember that show? This was one of the first reality TV shows that I can remember. So many stories come back to mind about people doing CIPRO on someone they never knew and they saved a life and then they because a part of that persons life and family forever. Not that I would ever wish that someone would start choking while I am out to dinner so I can hurdle over chairs and wait staff to give them the hymlick(have no clue how to spell that one) but it would be pretty cool;)
On a serious note, I have always had a love for caring for people, I think it started watching rescue 911 and then later working in a nursing home and then nannying for family. I just have a deep desire to nurse people to health I guess. Brett will tell you that I love it when he gets sick because he is so needy and I love that feeling of someone needing you and depending on you to help them to feel better. I just think the ultimate would be to save someone else's life. Some may say I save a life every time I car pool since I am not exactly the worlds best driver. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

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