Spooky Spooky

Growing up on the farm, we never really got trick or treaters so I always look forward to handing out candy now that I have them coming to my door. Living in the city does have some perks and that is sure one of them. I love seeing some of the costumes people come up with and I get a kick out of kids that can barely walk coming to my door, seriously, can you even eat candy???

Though I love handing out candy to all the wonderful little kids, I am going to put some ground rules in place this year that I have not done in the past.

1. You must say "Trick or Treat"!! Or you get nothing but me coming to the door saying "Hi, can I help you?"

2. If you are an adult and you come to my door and say your kids are in the car and that is why two adults are standing at my door, I am going to have to turn you away. If your kids are in the car and too tired to get out to get their own dang candy then I would say you have enough candy for the night.

3. If you have a homemade costume you get three pieces of candy instead of one. Whatever happened to the days where you would make your own. I never once had a costume from Wal-Mart or Target. Sorry it is not that clear but here is a picture of all us kids back in the day:
That is me second from the left, I was Georgy the Ghost
almost every year for Halloween and I was fine with that, no need to change it up every year, just find a sheet face paint from the local pharmacy and we were set! I think my mom spent no more than $2 per person on Halloween ;) (oh how cool is the color of our refrigerator, I would love to get my hands on a vintage refrigerator like that now).

Ok, back to the rules.

4. If you come up and grab a whole handful of candy, I am just going to slap your hand this year instead of telling each kid, only one piece. I never took more than one piece of candy at each house, dang kids these days.

Well, should be a great night, I will have to let you know how enforcing these ground rules goes, I don't want to come across as a grouch but come on, it is just basic rules.

Happy Halloween all!


Things You Might Not Know About Me…Pregnancy Edition

1. I sleep in sub-zero temperatures (i am normally sleeping with a heat blanket by this time of year).
2. I take showers in the dark in fear that I will catch a glimpse of my enlarged ars in the mirror.
3. I would like to eat red meat for every meal, it even looks good raw.
4. I can go through a box of cereal and a gallon of milk in about 72 hours.
5. I can go only about 40 minutes without having to pee and only about 5 minutes with running.
6. The smell of cleaning solutions smell like heaven but the smell of chicken and pork still kinda make me gag.
7. I find myself crying in my car for no reason daily.
8. It never fails after I tell Brett about some new weird thing that is happening with my body, he responds: "Its magical"!!! It always makes me laugh.
9. Sweets are out and carbs are in!!!! I will pass on the chocolate but would love another helping of mashed potatoes and gravy.
10. I secretly have been flashing my stomach around to see if I get better attention and I am finding that it works. Yesterday I was at a crosswalk and my umbrella was covering my stomach, no one would stop to let me go. The minute I put it down to reveal the baby bump a women nearly made her self wreck to stop for me. People smile at me more, open doors, ask me if I need help and just tell me I am adorable. I could get use to that part, I have not been called adorable since I was 4 years old.


Got the blues

Well, besides it being Monday and me hating this day of the week, I have another problem that is contributing to me having the "blues"..... this:

Thats right, I made the "freshman mistake" and thought it would be a good idea to have a toilet bowl self cleaner, I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I just thought it would be nice to not have to clean it so often although I do love any chance I get to use Comet (one of the best cleaning products out there besides bleach and X14 shower cleaner). Anyway, I guess I was not thinking clear when I dropped this tablet into my toilet tank and it was half bright blue and half white, I didn't think it was going to make my toilet look like one in the Quik Trip down the street from us, CRAP!!! Now, what do I do???
I don't really want to fish this thing out of my tank but I am not sure I can handle blue toilet bowl water for 4 months either. When I get up to flush I almost run away as fast as I can afraid that some of the blue dye will get on my pants or something. Blue water is meant to be at Worlds of Fun and that is it, not in my bathroom. Anyway, guess I will be sure to get the all white tablet next time if this stuff even works.
Oh Mondays!!!!


Larryville visit

Monday night Brett and I took off work early to do a date night in Lawrence. The plan was to go see the boy who I use to babysit for in college play football (crazy that he is old enough to play football, he was just a little guy when I started babysitting). Because of the rain, his game was canceled but we thought we would go anyway and I am so happy we did, what a great time!

Top 5 fun things we did:

- Stopped by our old stomping grounds where Brett and I fell in love, Yes, Oliver Hall baby!!! We even went up to the 6th floor (were Brett lived) and took a couple picks of us hanging out in the lobby area. It was pretty funny to pretend to be a knocked up college kid ;)
I thought I would take an updated preggers pic while I was up there by the elevator:

- Driving through the beautiful campus and played this game where we decided what each person on campus was like or what their major was. Things like "oh, there is a non trad", "Umm, band nerd to your left", "Oh, that guy is for sure an engineering major" and many other comments were made, it was a fun game and I could have played it for much longer but we were getting hungry for some dinner.

- Eating dinner at Free State Brewery. We met up with our friends the Luce's for some cheese dip and good beer, or at least I hear it was good. It was great to see our friends and laugh together, they are the best!!

- Our visit with the Almanza family, I was completely entertained for a full two hours, it was great. The kids have grown so much since I use to babysit for them in college but their personalities are just the same. I adore this family and hope my kid can live up to these kids, Love you Almanza's

- Lastly, hanging out with Brett was in the top 5 of course, I have always said it, he is the best person to travel anywhere with.
All and all, it was a great time to just get away for a weekend night and be with friends and people I love.


Birthday weekend in Sabetha

This past weekend, Brett, Debo and I traveled to Sabetha (my hometown) to celebrate my fathers 45th (or 54th) birthday ;) I always forget how much I love going back to the farm during harvest time when all the combines and grain trucks are out and about. It is such a busy time for farmers but I love it. Brett also loved getting to drive the grain truck for dad on Saturday, deep down I think he wants to be a farmer but I am pretty sure he will have to settle for only growing grass in our yard (we all know he is the cutest lawn boy there is anyway).
The weekend was full of family fun and food of course (the country way). Saturday night we all went out for dinner at a steakhouse that was just 15 minutes outside of Sabetha in Humbolt, NE. This restaurant really cracked me up because it was in a Morton shed building and really didn't look like a place that would serve food but when you walked in, it was pretty cute. Kinda a cabin style if you will. I had baby back ribs and fried chicken, yes that is what came with the meal, I thought it was kinda a weird combination but it all tasted great ;) Dinner was followed by the best chocolate cake in the world, my sisters 6 layer chocolate gauche cake, it was amazing!!! Carrie ended up giving her business card to people in the restaurant because they were so impressed :) My sister even had enough cake to share so pretty much everyone in the restaurant got a piece of cake, I love small towns.
You tell me that is not the most beautiful cake you have ever seen!!!!! Nice work Carrie!!

Following dessert, we then did Karaoke at this restaurant, I know, even more weird right?? I would have to say, I was pretty impressed with our party of about 15 people, we didn't have any wine and most of us got up and sang. Yes, even Brett and I did a duet to the tune of "Total eclipse of the Heart"(Brett's choice, of course). I love the little boys face in this picture, he probably thinks we are crazy ;)
Joce, thanks so much for putting the whole weekend together, you may have a future in event planning ;) Dad, thanks so much for having a birthday so we could come home and get spoiled with good food and fun!!
Feel free to check out the rest of the pictures of the weekend on my slide show.


and I can't fight this feeling anymore...

So I told myself back in the day I was going to be super healthy when I got preggers and that I was only going to gain baby weight. I had a grand plan to hit the gym, get good work outs and eat lots of veggies, fruit and lean meats. Looks like I am dropping off the deep end ;) I have been so tired that going to the gym takes every ounce of energy out of me. I have been doing great on my fruit intake but my lean meats and veggies need some work.

For some reason I have been craving these Baskin Robbin chocolate malts that cost as much as a full meal. I was told by my mother in law that she also craved these when she was preggers with Brett and that she had one a day!! Holy cow, I have not gotten that bad, one a week maybe. Ok, I had two last week, so what!!

I think I may need to go to the grocery store and get some low fat ice cream and start making mini milk shakes at home when I have the urge. Not sure the bank account can handle a $4 malt this often. It is crazy that a chocolate malt cost that much anyway!! Although, it has been worth every penny the minute I start sucking this bad boy down ;)

Anyway, sorry this post is kinda stupid, I know you are suppose to blog about stuff that is on your mind and that you are thinking deep about but honestly, this has been on the top of my list. Ohhh, I must get control!!! I think my new goal is to only allow myself a malt once month and allow myself one free meal a week where I can eat some carbs (potatoes: I heart you!). At this rate, not only will I break the bank but I am going to break Brett's lap when I sit on it.