Things You Might Not Know About Me…Pregnancy Edition

1. I sleep in sub-zero temperatures (i am normally sleeping with a heat blanket by this time of year).
2. I take showers in the dark in fear that I will catch a glimpse of my enlarged ars in the mirror.
3. I would like to eat red meat for every meal, it even looks good raw.
4. I can go through a box of cereal and a gallon of milk in about 72 hours.
5. I can go only about 40 minutes without having to pee and only about 5 minutes with running.
6. The smell of cleaning solutions smell like heaven but the smell of chicken and pork still kinda make me gag.
7. I find myself crying in my car for no reason daily.
8. It never fails after I tell Brett about some new weird thing that is happening with my body, he responds: "Its magical"!!! It always makes me laugh.
9. Sweets are out and carbs are in!!!! I will pass on the chocolate but would love another helping of mashed potatoes and gravy.
10. I secretly have been flashing my stomach around to see if I get better attention and I am finding that it works. Yesterday I was at a crosswalk and my umbrella was covering my stomach, no one would stop to let me go. The minute I put it down to reveal the baby bump a women nearly made her self wreck to stop for me. People smile at me more, open doors, ask me if I need help and just tell me I am adorable. I could get use to that part, I have not been called adorable since I was 4 years old.


Carrie Anne Johnson said...


vwiese said...

Carrie, bless you for leaving a comment. I have had over 25 people view this posting and not one comment. are you kidding me right now. So many lurkers, not you though, thanks sister.

The Frazee's said...
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The Frazee's said...

yea, i was one of those lurkers, never again-i will always make a comment

Kara Tramp said...

I need to figure out how to see how many luckers come on my blog- hmmmm I'll do some research! You are so cute Vik. Flont that belly all you can!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Enjoy being pregnant, I can't wait to hear about what you are craving next. Sorry there were not mashed potatoes at Ethan's party but thanks for coming anyway.

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

how about another preggers photo! - my reward for leaving another comment!!!!

Jamie Bahr said...

oops..he he:)

Amber said...

Hi Vicki. You don't know me from Adam (merely that I'm a KU '04 alum, Poli Sci & Biology) but I stumbled upon your website and have really enjoyed reading it. Boy does it make me miss home (KC!). Keep up the great blogging!

Tish said...

lol...i love that you are documenting this phenomenon known as pregnancy.

kudos to brett for the "it's magical" comments...sigh. ya'll are too flippin cute.