Birthday weekend in Sabetha

This past weekend, Brett, Debo and I traveled to Sabetha (my hometown) to celebrate my fathers 45th (or 54th) birthday ;) I always forget how much I love going back to the farm during harvest time when all the combines and grain trucks are out and about. It is such a busy time for farmers but I love it. Brett also loved getting to drive the grain truck for dad on Saturday, deep down I think he wants to be a farmer but I am pretty sure he will have to settle for only growing grass in our yard (we all know he is the cutest lawn boy there is anyway).
The weekend was full of family fun and food of course (the country way). Saturday night we all went out for dinner at a steakhouse that was just 15 minutes outside of Sabetha in Humbolt, NE. This restaurant really cracked me up because it was in a Morton shed building and really didn't look like a place that would serve food but when you walked in, it was pretty cute. Kinda a cabin style if you will. I had baby back ribs and fried chicken, yes that is what came with the meal, I thought it was kinda a weird combination but it all tasted great ;) Dinner was followed by the best chocolate cake in the world, my sisters 6 layer chocolate gauche cake, it was amazing!!! Carrie ended up giving her business card to people in the restaurant because they were so impressed :) My sister even had enough cake to share so pretty much everyone in the restaurant got a piece of cake, I love small towns.
You tell me that is not the most beautiful cake you have ever seen!!!!! Nice work Carrie!!

Following dessert, we then did Karaoke at this restaurant, I know, even more weird right?? I would have to say, I was pretty impressed with our party of about 15 people, we didn't have any wine and most of us got up and sang. Yes, even Brett and I did a duet to the tune of "Total eclipse of the Heart"(Brett's choice, of course). I love the little boys face in this picture, he probably thinks we are crazy ;)
Joce, thanks so much for putting the whole weekend together, you may have a future in event planning ;) Dad, thanks so much for having a birthday so we could come home and get spoiled with good food and fun!!
Feel free to check out the rest of the pictures of the weekend on my slide show.


Jas said...

That cake looks amazing!! Does she make cakes for sale-I would like to buy one just like that!!

Jas said...

That cake looks amazing!! Does she make cakes for sale-I would like to buy one just like that!!

vwiese said...

she does make these and will sell for about 60 bucks, I bet she would do one for you at a discount though. ;)

Kara Tramp said...

Oh what fun you guys had! Those pics were awesome. Ok- that cake- holy cow! Amazing!
What restaurant was that called?

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

You and Brett have the best Nikki French impersonation. Even I had a total eclipse of the heart!

Tish said...

dang i want that cake. your family is so flippin talented! please tell your sissy she can make me a cake anytime! heck...i'd even get married just so she could make one!