Spooky Spooky

Growing up on the farm, we never really got trick or treaters so I always look forward to handing out candy now that I have them coming to my door. Living in the city does have some perks and that is sure one of them. I love seeing some of the costumes people come up with and I get a kick out of kids that can barely walk coming to my door, seriously, can you even eat candy???

Though I love handing out candy to all the wonderful little kids, I am going to put some ground rules in place this year that I have not done in the past.

1. You must say "Trick or Treat"!! Or you get nothing but me coming to the door saying "Hi, can I help you?"

2. If you are an adult and you come to my door and say your kids are in the car and that is why two adults are standing at my door, I am going to have to turn you away. If your kids are in the car and too tired to get out to get their own dang candy then I would say you have enough candy for the night.

3. If you have a homemade costume you get three pieces of candy instead of one. Whatever happened to the days where you would make your own. I never once had a costume from Wal-Mart or Target. Sorry it is not that clear but here is a picture of all us kids back in the day:
That is me second from the left, I was Georgy the Ghost
almost every year for Halloween and I was fine with that, no need to change it up every year, just find a sheet face paint from the local pharmacy and we were set! I think my mom spent no more than $2 per person on Halloween ;) (oh how cool is the color of our refrigerator, I would love to get my hands on a vintage refrigerator like that now).

Ok, back to the rules.

4. If you come up and grab a whole handful of candy, I am just going to slap your hand this year instead of telling each kid, only one piece. I never took more than one piece of candy at each house, dang kids these days.

Well, should be a great night, I will have to let you know how enforcing these ground rules goes, I don't want to come across as a grouch but come on, it is just basic rules.

Happy Halloween all!


kjl said...

Love the rules, Vikk--I have one to add though. I realize I'm maybe a little shorter than average, but seriously, if you are taller than me, then you are too old to be trick-or-treating!!!

vwiese said...

Kim, I could not agree more, if you can drive, you need to drive yourself to go see a movie on halloween not get the little kids candy ;)

donna said...

i can't wait for you to be a mom, vikkie! :)

vwiese said...

Donna, can you tell I am going to be a spanker? Yep, that is right, spank that baby ;) hee hee

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

Ooo I hope you get an opportunity to slap a hand, that would be so funny. hey, can we see the belly?

vwiese said...

Carrie, I will see if I can get a picture of the belly soon, what is the obsession with this belly. You love it that I have a gut, that is it, hee hee.

Tish said...

i really love reading about your life and the pics totally cement those sentiments for me lol

happy halloween mamma mia

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

No, honey, you don't have a gut. You have a baby! I just love to see you grow, it is so amazing and all. Plus, I am living vicariously through you!!!