Got the blues

Well, besides it being Monday and me hating this day of the week, I have another problem that is contributing to me having the "blues"..... this:

Thats right, I made the "freshman mistake" and thought it would be a good idea to have a toilet bowl self cleaner, I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I just thought it would be nice to not have to clean it so often although I do love any chance I get to use Comet (one of the best cleaning products out there besides bleach and X14 shower cleaner). Anyway, I guess I was not thinking clear when I dropped this tablet into my toilet tank and it was half bright blue and half white, I didn't think it was going to make my toilet look like one in the Quik Trip down the street from us, CRAP!!! Now, what do I do???
I don't really want to fish this thing out of my tank but I am not sure I can handle blue toilet bowl water for 4 months either. When I get up to flush I almost run away as fast as I can afraid that some of the blue dye will get on my pants or something. Blue water is meant to be at Worlds of Fun and that is it, not in my bathroom. Anyway, guess I will be sure to get the all white tablet next time if this stuff even works.
Oh Mondays!!!!


Jas said...
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Jas said...

oh man, i love to use those blue tablets, i have come up with many stories to tell andrew as of why we have blue toilet water--it does last forever-good luck getting rid of that one

Kara Tramp said...

That blue just doesn't match with your bathroom decor. Dang it.
I have the clear ones that put off a lovely clorox scent and they are great!! I get them at Sam's. I'd highly recommend them! It's all about the little things, isn't it?
Too bad you don't have little Audrey in your house- she loves to flush toliets and she'd make that blue go away in one day flat!