Vacation starts in 15 minutes

Hey all,
just wanted to post before I shut the computer down, that is right, I am on vacation starting at 2pm today. brett and I are going to Santa Cruz, CA and San Fran early tomorrow morning. I hope to have lots of pictures to share when I get back. I am pumped for three things:
One: Spend 5 days with my best friend and a hotty: Brett J. Wiese, I have butterfly's in my stomach like I did before my honeymoon, so fun!!!
Two: Surf, I am hoping to be a good surfer by the time I come back, really my goal is to get the hot surfer girl hair and get a picture of it;)
Three: Eat, sleep, lay out, shop, and be merry!!!

Peace out everyone, I am out of this town!!!!!


Thoughts on kelly

As I blogged last week, I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert and I was sooooo excited. I would say I could give Kelly a C+. She really didn't perform as well as I thought she could have. Don't get me wrong, her voice was out of this world but I was hoping to see a bit more of a performance. The sound was not the best and it was almost hard to hear her which is not a good thing ever! I also was hoping that she would come out in something sparkling hot and say "Hey Kansas City, love you all and I am thrilled to be here with you all at this awesome Verizon Wireless amphitheater!!!" What, she does not like to perform in KC?? Oh wait, no one likes to perform there because is hole in the ground in the middle of Bonner Springs. Anyway, she wore a white tee-shirt and black pants which was kinda disappointing and she had short brown hair and I was hoping for the long brown locks, what can you do. All and all I had a great time with my girls though. Thanks ladies!!


Wednesday night equals craft night

It is Wednesday and that means craft night with the ladies. It is so fun, last week we did mostly talking and very little crafting;) It also included home made ice-cream and chocolate zucchini bread, yummy!!! Last week I learned how to do t-shirt prints with fabric paint. I am not really sure what it is called so Hannah you will have to leave me a comment on that one. I am totally pumped about it now, I made a couple t-shirts for my sweet little sister in-law, Annie last week. Lastnight I made some baby onesies for my girlfriends baby and they turned out so cute. Had to post a picture.
Well, tonight I am not sure if I will be doing a craft because I have to work late and I will only get to stop by so I think I will observe and get some more ideas for fun crafts. What I love the most about craft nights besides the food and crafts of course is the girl time. Where else can you go where the conversation starts out about what new fabrics are in this season and what store carries it to whether you are a fan of the thong underwear, I love it!!!
Enjoy the little baby onesies, the theme in his room is airplanes ;)


But since u been gone !!!!!

I can breathe for the first time!!!!! That is right, I love pop music and tonight I am going to make one of my dreams come true. I see Kelly Clarkson at approximately 9pm tonight in concert. I know some of you are thinking that I am to old to go to this crap. Or at least the whole crowd at the Jessica Simpson concert that I went to last year thought I was. I have decided not to care what others thing about my obsession with pop stars. Yes, I love them all, Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Kelly, and even Britney when she was hot. You can't tell me that you don't get in your car and jam to this stuff. I use to commute and this kind of music is the only thing that got me through it.
Anyway, should be a good time of hanging out with the girls (which Brett is thinking I need to cut back on considering I have been gone three nights a week with girls these days, still love you brett. You just will not take me to the Kelly concert so what is a girl to do?) Rain rain go away and come again tomorrow because tonight is Kelly's night and I am going to be there rain or shine baby!!!


too dang hot to be nice.

Wow, sorry I was off the blog train for a while. I can't motivate myself to do anything in this heat!! ;) Just kidding
Today something really cool happened, mostly stupid. I got yelled at by this Greeter grandma at Roeland Park Wal-mart. I think it may have pushed me over the edge, I mean don't mess with me when it is 103 degrees outside and I need to make a return. So, here is what happened:
I went to walmart to return a frame that I got and realized it was broken. I go in the store and there was grandma with her sticker gun greeting me with no smile, no "hi, welcome to wal-mart" nothing, I mean isn't that why they are there in the first place. So old people have something to do instead of watching soaps and eating bit o honey all day. When I tried to go back to get another frame so I could return the one I had and get a new one all at the same time she said: " mam, no, you need to go to the returns, now!" I started to explain that I wanted to get another frame and because I knew they were just going to make me get in line again so I was going to do it all at one time, before I could finish my sentence : "No, mam, you need to go their first and return!" I started to argue with her, I could feel my face getting red, not like I was not already steaming hot but now I was a time bomb. She pointed her finger at the return line and said "Go get in line mam, you need to get in that line first!" I felt like a two year old, not only because she was bossing me around but because I stomped off and said under my breath for real " fine, I will get in your stupid line just so I can stand in your stupid line again, this place sucks!!!"
As I started to go to the line I decided since I got past her I would just make a "B line" for the frames, I got two steps and I hear a shouting from about 30 ft away "Mam, right there Mam, you need to stand in that line!" I was so close to taking that frame and throwing it on the ground like a little girl, then I wanted to shout, "I am never coming back to this hell hole, I hate this wal-mart!!!!!" Obviously, I didn't do that, I thought I would just return this stupid frame and then promise myself that I will never make a return at that walmart again. I think the new rule of the year is if it is not worth over 10 bucks and you need to return it to walmart, I would rather throw it away and get what I really need at Target. Anyway, it was kinda funny after I got back to work and I was in the air condition. I loved it that I tried to run away from the greeter at walmart, thinking she would not see me, then I got yelled and and everyone checking out turned their heads and looked at me. It was classic!!!!!! Stay cool, today, it is the last say of the heat wave.


here I come

Watch out, I am going to be a baking fool in my new apron that my girl hannah made me for my birthday, I love it! I tried it out this morning, it fits like a glove and I feel really cute in it ;)

Well this weekend I am going to hang out with friends, see the kids I use to babysit in college for a whole day which we be a blast. They are the cutest kids ever (hannah, I also think your kids are the cutest ;) The little ones are who I use to babysit for, not the two crimson girls ;)

I am going to hang out at the lake on sunday and I am sure that will be the perfect conclusion to a stinkin hot weekend.


the big two five

Well, I am now 25 years old and one day. My girl friends threw me the best party ever. It was full of laying out in the sun, eating junk food, making smores, camping out, sitting by the fire and some great gifts from my girls. Thank you all so much for making it so special, I love you all!!!!


Party time, excellent

yes, this is the theme of my first 25th birthday party this weekend with my college girlfriends. " Party your grass off" is the theme. How fun is that??? It is a full day of laying out in the sun with the ladies, BBQ and then camping out. I am so pumped! My birthday is not until 7/11, which is Tuesday but I am getting a head start. I am most excited about:
One: competing with Cara for the best tan of the summer
Two: Drinking Coca Cola and not feeling guilty about it
Three: Burnt Hot dogs on the grill
Four: Hanging out with my best girlfriends


On fire.

I know that none of you care but the reason that I titled this post "on fire" as well as posting a picture of my eye ball is because my eye ball is on fire!!! I don't know if it is because I stare at a computer all day, I spent to many days as a child staring into the sun, or if watching my dad weld is finally starting to burn my eye ball. I remember going out to the shop to tell my dad that lunch was ready or something and he would be welding and would tell me to not look directly into the light of the welding. You know as good as I do that when you tell a kid not to look at something cool that they are going to stare right into it. Man, maybe I should have listened, it is killing me.
Besides that my day is going pretty smooth, I have not had to pick up any dead animals so that makes for a pretty good day. It is Thursday already!! I love holidays in the middle of the week, I have got to get some more of those. Having a long weekend got me a little excited for a vacation that Brett and I are taking in less than a month to Santa Cruz, CA. I am so pumped to spend a whole 5 days hanging out with my best friend ever!!! Love you Brett! I think we will be doing some surfing, some hiking, eating some good food, shopping, and as Sheryl Crow says: Soaking up the sun!!! Brett lived here for a summer when we were in college so I am excited to go back and see where he lived and worked for a summer. Hope you are not all grossed out by my eye ball, I think it is pretty cool, I might put it on my screen saver for a while. What?? And take sweet debo off, I don't think so man. Here is a cute one of my little pup.


Ahh, the glamour

Yes, that is right, friday at my event, a bird decided to crash into the freshly washed windows and land right in the path of where all the guest were going to arrive. and yes, I called housekeeping but do you think it was a priority to pick up a dead bird? Apparently not, I waited an hour and then decided I needed to dispose of it myself because VIP guest were going to arrive any minute. I knew my VIP guests would not shut up about something like this so I did what I had to do.
So, here I am picking up a dead bird and pitching it, Nice work Vikkie Wiese!! Your job rocks!!! Yes, there are fun things about my job, putting orders in for fun flower arrangements, ordering linens, and delicious food but event planners also do a ton of behind the scenes work that is either hard labor or just plain gross.