too dang hot to be nice.

Wow, sorry I was off the blog train for a while. I can't motivate myself to do anything in this heat!! ;) Just kidding
Today something really cool happened, mostly stupid. I got yelled at by this Greeter grandma at Roeland Park Wal-mart. I think it may have pushed me over the edge, I mean don't mess with me when it is 103 degrees outside and I need to make a return. So, here is what happened:
I went to walmart to return a frame that I got and realized it was broken. I go in the store and there was grandma with her sticker gun greeting me with no smile, no "hi, welcome to wal-mart" nothing, I mean isn't that why they are there in the first place. So old people have something to do instead of watching soaps and eating bit o honey all day. When I tried to go back to get another frame so I could return the one I had and get a new one all at the same time she said: " mam, no, you need to go to the returns, now!" I started to explain that I wanted to get another frame and because I knew they were just going to make me get in line again so I was going to do it all at one time, before I could finish my sentence : "No, mam, you need to go their first and return!" I started to argue with her, I could feel my face getting red, not like I was not already steaming hot but now I was a time bomb. She pointed her finger at the return line and said "Go get in line mam, you need to get in that line first!" I felt like a two year old, not only because she was bossing me around but because I stomped off and said under my breath for real " fine, I will get in your stupid line just so I can stand in your stupid line again, this place sucks!!!"
As I started to go to the line I decided since I got past her I would just make a "B line" for the frames, I got two steps and I hear a shouting from about 30 ft away "Mam, right there Mam, you need to stand in that line!" I was so close to taking that frame and throwing it on the ground like a little girl, then I wanted to shout, "I am never coming back to this hell hole, I hate this wal-mart!!!!!" Obviously, I didn't do that, I thought I would just return this stupid frame and then promise myself that I will never make a return at that walmart again. I think the new rule of the year is if it is not worth over 10 bucks and you need to return it to walmart, I would rather throw it away and get what I really need at Target. Anyway, it was kinda funny after I got back to work and I was in the air condition. I loved it that I tried to run away from the greeter at walmart, thinking she would not see me, then I got yelled and and everyone checking out turned their heads and looked at me. It was classic!!!!!! Stay cool, today, it is the last say of the heat wave.


callie said...

What did i tell you Vikk, Wal-Mart sucks the big one. You should join the anti-walmart club with me. I feel so much better now that i do to that dump.

Cara said...

Vikkie, can you imagine what Andrea would have done in that same situation? You better believe the old lady would be yelled all the way back to the rocking chair after Andrea told her how it is.

Lindsey dB said...

So, I told this story to my two bosses today... we work with someone who we think should actually be a Wal-Mart greeter instead of work with us... yeah, then I told your story. He's way nicer than your lady. They were amused about yoru "hell hole" line. It was my personal favorite as well.

Anonymous said...

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