But since u been gone !!!!!

I can breathe for the first time!!!!! That is right, I love pop music and tonight I am going to make one of my dreams come true. I see Kelly Clarkson at approximately 9pm tonight in concert. I know some of you are thinking that I am to old to go to this crap. Or at least the whole crowd at the Jessica Simpson concert that I went to last year thought I was. I have decided not to care what others thing about my obsession with pop stars. Yes, I love them all, Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Kelly, and even Britney when she was hot. You can't tell me that you don't get in your car and jam to this stuff. I use to commute and this kind of music is the only thing that got me through it.
Anyway, should be a good time of hanging out with the girls (which Brett is thinking I need to cut back on considering I have been gone three nights a week with girls these days, still love you brett. You just will not take me to the Kelly concert so what is a girl to do?) Rain rain go away and come again tomorrow because tonight is Kelly's night and I am going to be there rain or shine baby!!!


Cara said...

Vikkie, the Jessica concert was two years ago, back when she and Nick were still happy, remember? Let's post some pics from tonight on this site. You should do an online poll and ask your blog readers if they think Kelly was wearing a wig.

Lindsey dB said...

Well, can I just say that K Clarkson is at the top of my list right now. "Gone" is my favorite - "you know you did it, I'm gone..." it's the best road trip song - just right under Michael Jackson and N*SYNC! Love it!!!

Jen said...

Where are the pictures from the concert?

gage said...


It's only a hole in the middle of bonner springs on nights when a certain bearded, shaggy-haired, man from seattle walks on stage and says, "let's sail this ship home."

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