Happy turkey Day

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I plan on making myself borderline ill tomorrow as I pound the carbs down ;) The game plan is to eat thanksgiving meal with Brett's family for lunch and my mom's side of the family for dinner. I will need to pace myself but I think I can handle it ;)

Top two things I am excited about for Thanksgiving:

1.) Mashed Potatoes
2.) Stuffing

The end


mean roommate

I am so mean, Brett and I worked in the yard last weekend to get the leaves out of our back yard and into the Roeland Park street for leave pick up and I thought this would be funny:

Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to trap my sisters car in the leaves, Brett wanted no part of it. After all, Callie did rake all the leaves for me last week and she shares her stash of double stuffed oreo's from time to time.
Anyway, Roeland Park this time of year is kinda funny. It is like winter after a big snow and all the snow is on the sides of the streets. Now it is just huge piles of leaves. If I was a kid I would want to run all the way threw them, if I didn't have a kid in me, I still might do it.


Roast Beast!

I know this blog is suppose to be about really interesting things that I think about but I may have to start anther blog about my love for red meat, I can't seem to think of anything else and I fear I am boring some of you. My good friends welcomed their third child into the world last week so it was time to make a comfort food meal to deliver to them. That's right, Roast (RED MEAT) with carrots and onions, mashed potato casserole topped with cheese, cinnamon apple sauce Jell-O salad and a pecan and chocolate pie with a homemade crust.

I know everyone can make a roast but for some reason I can't seem can make a good roast consistently. I think I was 2 for 6 on the good roast score. I could not screw this one up for I was going to be feeding it to other people and because it was a big roast so I thought I would take a half of it for myself ;) This called for desperate measures so I called up one of the best cooks I know (my momma of course) and had her give me some advise on what I was doing wrong. I used all her tips, put it in the oven over lunch yesterday and just prayed for a great roast. When I walked in the house after work, it smelled just like home cooked meals on the farm, oh I swear my eyes were a bit watery!!!! I pulled out the roast and cut a sliver off to see about taste and tenderness. I threw my hands up and out loud said "YES, I DID IT". I danced around the kitchen like a little kid and felt like a million bucks. It is sad that I needed that roast to turn out in order to make my day, it is the little things I suppose.

I do wish I could be more of a Susie home maker but working all day does not leave much time for that. I almost can't wait to be in the kitchen all day to bake Christmas cookies. Maybe all preggers women go through this stage but I just want to bake every night, let me know if you are craving something and I will get on it ;)


bless you, my dear father

This is NOT what a preggers girl wants to eat:
Ugg, sunday I made baked fish, green veggies and rice. I know it is suppose to be good for me but I barely got it down.

Dad, thank you so much for sending some red meat my way, I will be hoarding it like never before. Fish and chicken for Brett, hamburger patties for Vikke.


Sisters Weekend

Wow, what a great weekend! Not only did I find another great deal on craigslist on a buffet table for my kitchen for 60 bones but my older sister, Carrie, came into town this weekend from Seward, NE. While Brett was having a "Boy's Weekend" with his friends in Tampa, us ladies took advantage of no boys and had a little sisters weekend. I thought I would take the opportunity on my blog post today to brag about my sisters. I really have been so blessed with wonderful sisters. Yes we have had our ups and downs in the past and still can have little fights but all in all, we love each other and love spending time with one another.

My older sister, Carrie is so talented and can pretty much do any craft you can think of, she is also one of the most nurturing people I know (she offered me a back rub everyday she was here and I didn't even have to ask). Callie is my little sister and lives in my basement, hee hee, that sounds kinda funny, don't worry she has a nice set up down there. Callie works for a daycare and is wonderful with children so she is going to be such a huge help when this baby comes in Feb. and I have no clue what I am doing. Callie also has a love for raking leaves so she raked all our leaves last week just in time for the Roeland Park leave vacuum pick up (one of the biggest perks about living in Roeland P is the leave pick up I might add, don't even have to bag them).
Back to bragging, Carrie made me some kitchen curtains which look wonderful and she helped me pick out and paid for my baby bedding for the crib. There are so many options on baby bedding that you can buy but they are either really expensive or really ugly. Carrie and I found the perfect fabric for my little guys room ;) Oh, what a great Auntie!!!! Ok, it gets better, not only did she sew and give me a good back rub but she also made me these Swedish pancakes on Saturday morning that were like crepes and were soooooooooooooooooo good!!!!! I can't really remember how many I ate but I am always starving when I wake up so it was great to have some tasty carbs first thing in the morning. Carrie is not just good at sewing, cooking and taking care of people but she also cracks me up. She is such a nut and seems to know just what to do to make me about pee my pants. Oh, I almost forgot, she even took the blue tablet out of my toliet so it is bright white water again, ahh yes!!!

Thanks Carrie for a great weekend and for hanging out with me and Callie and making us laugh so much. Love you and miss you already (please move closer) ;)