mean roommate

I am so mean, Brett and I worked in the yard last weekend to get the leaves out of our back yard and into the Roeland Park street for leave pick up and I thought this would be funny:

Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to trap my sisters car in the leaves, Brett wanted no part of it. After all, Callie did rake all the leaves for me last week and she shares her stash of double stuffed oreo's from time to time.
Anyway, Roeland Park this time of year is kinda funny. It is like winter after a big snow and all the snow is on the sides of the streets. Now it is just huge piles of leaves. If I was a kid I would want to run all the way threw them, if I didn't have a kid in me, I still might do it.

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Carrie Anne Johnson said...

Oh my gosh! I am rolling on the floor laughing. That is so funny. I love your practical jokes Vikkers!!!