A weekend at the farm

Well, it is Thursday and I am just now blogging about my adventures on the farm this past week. Brett, Debo and I headed up to Sabetha, KS. The weekend consisted of lots of family, lots of food and lots of fun! I think some people think when I talk about the farm, they think it is this old farm house and in the middle of no where but really it is more like staying at a bed and breakfast ;) There is plenty of space and just 5 minutes away is some small town shopping.

Our house is over 100 years old but my Dad has done a lot of work on it so it is really a pretty house. He also had treats of every ones pillow just like you get at a hotel but it was not a little mint, it was Reese's Butter cup eggs (my favorite) and like a three pound dove Chocolate bunny!! We had real beef all weekend, I hardly ever eat red meat so it was great!!

I feel like every time I go back to the farm I try something I have never tried and this time it was driving a 4 wheeler which I thought I would hate. Turns out, it was a blast. Brett was a little more daring than I was. I don't need to go fast or take jumps to get a thrill although my Dad did take me on a few jumps and I ended up kinda loving it. You can check out more pics of Brett on my flickr account .
Anyway, Easter is over and that is a little sad but my next favorite holiday is right around the corner, July 4th!!!!
Peace out!


Almost the last

Of things you still might not know about me:

I have (accidentally) injected myself with a pig needle (syringe used to vaccinate my dad's hogs) right in the ars. I have also sat down on a knife and I have the scar to prove it, any takers??

Until my freshman year of college i thought laptop computers were called "labtop's" (since they're used in labs)

I get a sick enjoyment out of seeing a car crash

I would not/do not swerve for cats in the road (sorry to my cat loving friends, oh wait, I don't have any, hee hee)

I have my hunter's safety license but can't shoot a target if it were right in front of me.


didn't like purple until now

Lately doing dishing has been a bit more enjoyable. Spring is here and I am loving it. I had to take a picture of the pretty bush outside my kitchen window. I have never loved purple so much. (I still don't like wildcat purple, sorry friends) As I was doing dishes I looked out and saw this:

As I was admiring this bush I took another picture with my hot lawn boy in it, Man he is cute!!! Where did that fine thing come from??? Wait a minute, that is Brett!!!!! Sweet, my life ROCKS!!!! ;)