Almost the last

Of things you still might not know about me:

I have (accidentally) injected myself with a pig needle (syringe used to vaccinate my dad's hogs) right in the ars. I have also sat down on a knife and I have the scar to prove it, any takers??

Until my freshman year of college i thought laptop computers were called "labtop's" (since they're used in labs)

I get a sick enjoyment out of seeing a car crash

I would not/do not swerve for cats in the road (sorry to my cat loving friends, oh wait, I don't have any, hee hee)

I have my hunter's safety license but can't shoot a target if it were right in front of me.


Crabby Rangoon said...

Correction, my dear. I adore cats.

We are still friends, right?

vwiese said...

Oh Crap, I forgot you love cats, I would brake for your cat. Your cat not a snot like most cats I have met!!!

jmac said...

niiiice scarrrrrrr!!

Heidijayhawk said...

sooo funny! loved it! keep the ars scars to yourself please!

toby said...

Well, I'd be lucky to hit the broad side of a barn; and I don't even have the safety license. So you are one up on me Vikkie.

sarah said...

I still regularly say "self of steam". It is easier to pronounce. Maybe that is what you were really getting at with labtop?