didn't like purple until now

Lately doing dishing has been a bit more enjoyable. Spring is here and I am loving it. I had to take a picture of the pretty bush outside my kitchen window. I have never loved purple so much. (I still don't like wildcat purple, sorry friends) As I was doing dishes I looked out and saw this:

As I was admiring this bush I took another picture with my hot lawn boy in it, Man he is cute!!! Where did that fine thing come from??? Wait a minute, that is Brett!!!!! Sweet, my life ROCKS!!!! ;)


toby said...

Another day, another great post from Vikkie. We have two trees covered in pink blossoms in our backyard. I admire them every day.

Anonymous said...

The pic of Brett doesn't show up. I think you a fibbing about having a husband. Show me a pic and I will believe!!

vwiese said...

ok, I think the pictures are working now. Blogger is giving me trouble today, sorry for all the open space.

jmac said...

nice ass.....brett.

brett said...

thanks jmac - i'm wearing my special "yard work jeans." i think they display my assets nicely.

RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Rick - your lawn boy is hot!

Please come over and make our lawn look that nice and green.