A weekend at the farm

Well, it is Thursday and I am just now blogging about my adventures on the farm this past week. Brett, Debo and I headed up to Sabetha, KS. The weekend consisted of lots of family, lots of food and lots of fun! I think some people think when I talk about the farm, they think it is this old farm house and in the middle of no where but really it is more like staying at a bed and breakfast ;) There is plenty of space and just 5 minutes away is some small town shopping.

Our house is over 100 years old but my Dad has done a lot of work on it so it is really a pretty house. He also had treats of every ones pillow just like you get at a hotel but it was not a little mint, it was Reese's Butter cup eggs (my favorite) and like a three pound dove Chocolate bunny!! We had real beef all weekend, I hardly ever eat red meat so it was great!!

I feel like every time I go back to the farm I try something I have never tried and this time it was driving a 4 wheeler which I thought I would hate. Turns out, it was a blast. Brett was a little more daring than I was. I don't need to go fast or take jumps to get a thrill although my Dad did take me on a few jumps and I ended up kinda loving it. You can check out more pics of Brett on my flickr account .
Anyway, Easter is over and that is a little sad but my next favorite holiday is right around the corner, July 4th!!!!
Peace out!


brett said...

will we see any new blogs before july 4th?

Rosalind said...

Interesting to know.