Oh what?

You missed me??? Really?? It has been 20 days since I last blogged. I planned it that way, thought you could all use a break from my blog ;)

April was a crazy month, I don't remember much of it since I had an event like every other day and I was consumed by work! Today, I thought I would just post a blog about nothing but this:

I'mmmmmmm Baaaackkkkkkk!!! ;)

Ok, I need some ideas of blog post because my life has been kinda boring as far as good stories. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Oh, I will be blogging about this on Friday. I am dying my hair dark, no more blonde highlights for me. I am thinking this dark:

What do you think??? ;)


kjl said...

Hey Stranger! I didn't realize you'd taken so many days off from blogging...I'd forgotten to check for the last week. I will be anxious to see your new haircolor--how exciting! You are a brave girl. Is your natural color that dark? I wouldn't have guessed it. I've always wanted to color mine red in the winters when it gets so dingy dishwater blonde, but I've never been brave enough, and I'm also way too cheap to pay for coloring my hair! :)

Crabby Rangoon said...

You should definitely dye it dark--it will look great on you! I'm always envious of ladies with dark hair. Do it!!

Anonymous said...

Blog more about your crafts. I love seeing your pics of parties too. I would like to see more of what you do as far as events. Your life seems so fun. Personaly, I am a vwiese blog groupie.