School days

I hate to see summer slowly coming to an end. I get knots in my stomach just thinking about winter and Christmas (YUCK)! (If you don't know, I am not a big fan of cold weather or the winter season). I use to love that time of year but for some reason I have started to hate it. I think it might be because it gets dark so early, I feel like I am working the night shift or something. I am also not a huge fan of thanksgiving and Christmas because it is usually when I gain "my winter weight", not this year though, you can suck it WINTER!!!!! ;) I keep telling Brett that we should look into either moving to Cali. or going away in the winter, maybe a winter home in San Fransisco???? I love that idea. It can be cold there too but at least the sun is shining. Anyway, I may have to seek some professional help this year, I don't think Brett wants to live with someone who is unhappy through a whole season ;) Not sure I have seasonal depression but it has to be something like that. If you have any ideas on why I should love those aspects of winter, please feel free to share. Any positive thoughts??

I guess the one positive thing I can think about as far as summer coming to a close is: SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!! I wish I could still get school supplies. ;) Oh how I love the trapper keepers (by the way this trapper keeper is on ebay going for 20 bones) and and fun folders with boy bands on them ;) I remember when my mom lets me get ever sharps (mechanical pencils) I LOVED THOSE!! It was so much better than normal pencials. I also loved my protractor and reinforcers too. Can't say that I have used reinforcers since middle school. ;) Maybe I will go get some and start using them. I can think of several times when I have needed them at work. I have a lot of binders in the line of work that I do, not so many trapper keeper though, dang!!

Anyway, this is just a shout out to all you kids out there going back to school (since I am sure so many of them read my blog). Happy school shopping and hope you had a good summer!!!


Look alike

That is right, Posh Spice made fruit pizza in my kitchen this weekend!!! She came and went shopping with me, let her dog play with mine, went to the farmers market and even came to my birthday cook out that night!!! ;) Actually, this is my older sister Carrie in her new sunglasses from Forever 21, my new favorite place to get accessories. I was telling Carrie all day that she looked like Posh with that haircut and those glasses, what do you guys think? ;)

Saturday was wonderful!!! I woke up early and my sister hung out just like old times, it was wonderful. While Carrie was making this fruit pizza, she was talking like she was on a cooking show in a British accent, we use to play cooking show when we were younger with all the left over’s when we were doing dishes after a meal. We had so much fun!!! We also hit a wonderful fabric store where I picked out some fabric for Carrie to make me a purse; I can’t wait to see how it turns out. We then went out to the Legends mall, which I have to admit, I kind love. We had lunch with my Mom and I introduced them both to Forever 21. This might be one of the best moments of the day because I told them I just wanted to go in for a second, thinking they would hate this store. They both ended up buying more than I did. I was cracking me up!!!!

Then Saturday night we headed to my great girlfriends house for our annual cook out and to celebrate my birthday. Some of you may remember I blogged about this last year. It is so fun a causal. Callie, my little sister, grilled all the meat and everyone else brought something and then I made Mojitos. We love to get together and sit by the fire and just be together. Be sure to check out my flickr pics of the party.

Carrie, thanks for coming all the way from Seward, Nebraska to come to my party. My friends and I had so much fun hanging out with you!!!!


Back in the game

I know several of you are dying to hear how my birthday went with Mr. Brett Wiese this year. As some of you may recall, Brett kinda dropped the ball last year as he told me on the morning of my birthday that he had a conference for work that he had to go to later that night. I thought he was kidding me but he wasn’t and at 6pm that night he took off for the rest of the night. No birthday dinner, nothing. I ended up going to Foo’s (which was wonderful and fun by the way) with some girl friends but it was totally a sympathy birthday, they had no choice but to take me because they felt sorry for me ;) Brett also gave me an ice-cream maker, which I really wanted, but I saw it before he gave it to me so it was not a surprise at all and I love being surprised!!! I have not really forgiven Brett since last year so this was the year to make it up to me ;) I was not sure if he was going to be able to pull it off but I would say he did an exceptional job this year.

I woke up to a fun birthday card and a clue of what my present was:

- Clue One: I could not really wrap this present

Then when I got in my car to go to work another clue was on my steering wheel:

- Clue Two: This gift is not something that you specially asked for

After I received some beautiful flowers from Brett at work. I headed out to lunch I found a clue was taped to the window of my car:

- Clue Three: There has been songs written and movies produced about this gift

I started to put the clues together and I really started to think maybe he was taking me somewhere for my birthday, maybe Omaha, Oklahoma, New York City or Chicago. Yet, I thought it was not in the budget (if any of you know Brett, you know he likes to stick to the budget ;) and even if it was a trip he was just going to tell me that he was going to take me somewhere and then I would end up planning the whole trip. I don’t mind planning trips but lately I have been kinda burnt out on planning personal things since I do it all day at work.

Just before leaving for dinner I got the fourth clue:

- Clue four: Some famous people like this gift, especially Oprah.

I was almost 100% sure I figured it out by now but still kinda worried I was going to be just a bit disappointed when I found out I was going to have to book everything and know how much everything cost, which never makes it fun to travel.

After reading clue four, Brett took me out to dinner at my new favorite restaurant, 1924 Main. This restaurant reminded me of this fun place we went in San Francisco, it was really hip and the food was out of this world good. Brett had even made reservations, which he knows I adore. I am not sure how it started but I really don’t enjoy going to franchise restaurants (mainly, Cheesecake factory, PF Changs and Applebee’s, YUCK). I always prefer to support the smaller local places that are really happy you came in to eat there. 1924 Main was the perfect place for a nice birthday dinner.

Just before we ordered, Brett said: “Vikk, I think I am going to skip the last clue because I think you may be catching on to me”. He handing me an envelope and inside was a confirmation for two airline tickets to Chicago and a four star Hotel reservation that was located in the heart of Chicago. I got teary eyed and was so excited!!! As I started to thank Brett, he started telling me what he has planned for each day, even where we were going to eat and fun places we were going to visit. I was and am THRILLED!!! Any one who knows me well knows I love weekend trips and I love getting out of Kansas. I went to Chicago in January and it was one of the best trips. I can’t wait to go again when it is warm and we can do a bit more and to go with Brett, how fun!!! We leave on Aug 30th (which is our 4 year anniversary) and I can’t wait!!!

Brett, thank you so much, you are defiantly off the hook ;) Love you.

I have to mention my second favorite gift so far, it is a blanket that my girl friends Kerry and Sarah got me, I have been snuggling in from the moment I got it, and I love it!!! Thanks Ladies.


One year older

So this morning I woke up and realized I was 26 years of age!!! Wow, I really can't believe I am closer to 30 than 20. It seems like just yesterday that I turned 21 years old. Well, I don't really remember it all that well as all my "friends" wanted to buy me a drink. ;) Most of you know I don't drink too often (I prefer to eat my calories) and I really didn't drink before I was 21 so I was kinda a light weight to say the least.

When I was 21 I thought I would be so far in life by the time I was 26 years old. I thought I would have two kids by now, driving a mini van and maybe 50 pounds heavier ;) Just kidding, but I did think I would be making more money and purhaps be some of those things in the last sentence. Turns out, being 26 is not so bad as I get to hang out with my best friend Brett all the time and don't have any screaming babies just yet,.I drive a pimping Nissian Altima and I just just dropped a couple pant sizes so I am loving life ;) I thought about being kinda down about turning 26 but I really couldn't see why. I mean, I think I am feeling better about life this year than I did last year. I have great friends and family who love me so much, I have a great spouse who I think is stinking hot, I still have a job, I have the cutest beagle known to man kind and my house is like 900 square feet but I love it and it is my home. Life is good ;) I truly feel so blessed for everything that I have, event the rough times I am thankful for.

Thank you all for your birthday emails, phone calls and even flowers. I love you all!!!!


And I am back

So the vacation has concluded. Thought I would share some pics from our time off, to see more you can go to my flickr account later tomorrow and I should have them loaded. I would have to say the top three things about my time off were:

1.) Hanging out with Brett that is usually a blast so I was not too surprised at that. It was great to laugh about inside jokes and just do our own thing. We had a great time laying out by the pool, eating some Okie Joes and even seeing Transformers (I loved it by the way)

2.) Winning third in my age group on the 5k race on Saturday. Pretty fun to run in 5k’s where there is not as much competition ;) I love the medal I got and I really want to wear it out and about but I thought I better cool it.

3.) Going to the farm and seeing it decked out for the 4th Party. I wish I would have taken more pics but I can tell you the meat that my Dad cooked was out of this world and it was great to catch up with old friends.

Now on to another week packed full of hanging out with friends and celebrating my 26th birthday. Tonight some good girl friends are taking a couple of us July Birthday girls to McCormick and Schmick’s for some dessert. MMMM, what shall I have??? J Something chocolate I am thinking.


T minus two hours and 5 minutes

Starting in 2hours and 5 minutes, I am one vacation baby!!!!!! Man, there is no better feeling then working like a horse on events for months and then taking a nice breather. Brett is also taking off work, we are like two little kids getting excited about late night slumber parties, fireworks, eating some good grub, hanging out by the pool and just being together. As some of you know, Independence Day is my second favorite holiday next to Easter so I am excited for this time off this week. We have all kinds of fun things lined up to do starting with a Royals game tonight, fireworks display in Shawnee Mission Park, some Okie Joes, time with friends, pool time and Sabetha!!!

We will be heading up to the farm on Friday for a family party and I am almost positive it is going to be one of the greatest celebrations around. I can’t wait to see how great that farmhouse is going to look with big flag bunting!!!

Brett and I are going to start the day by running the annual 5k in Sabetha, which is called the “ Firecracker Run”. It is my favorite 5k to do because it is a pretty easy course and all the people know you and they sit outside their homes to watch and say hi. My favorite part is that they serve sausage and pancakes after the race is over ;) Nothing like running for 30 minutes and washing that down with some grease and syrup ;) No thanks on that but I will be eating great later that night as my Dad will be cooking a lot of pork and all of his family are bringing food and they are wonderful cooks. I hope to be blogging about this on Monday.

Happy 4th of July to you all!!!

p.s. 7/11 is just around the corner ;) the big 2 6. Not sure yet if brett is going to take me to Culvers for the special day, maybe I should try something else ;) Any ideas ;)