Look alike

That is right, Posh Spice made fruit pizza in my kitchen this weekend!!! She came and went shopping with me, let her dog play with mine, went to the farmers market and even came to my birthday cook out that night!!! ;) Actually, this is my older sister Carrie in her new sunglasses from Forever 21, my new favorite place to get accessories. I was telling Carrie all day that she looked like Posh with that haircut and those glasses, what do you guys think? ;)

Saturday was wonderful!!! I woke up early and my sister hung out just like old times, it was wonderful. While Carrie was making this fruit pizza, she was talking like she was on a cooking show in a British accent, we use to play cooking show when we were younger with all the left over’s when we were doing dishes after a meal. We had so much fun!!! We also hit a wonderful fabric store where I picked out some fabric for Carrie to make me a purse; I can’t wait to see how it turns out. We then went out to the Legends mall, which I have to admit, I kind love. We had lunch with my Mom and I introduced them both to Forever 21. This might be one of the best moments of the day because I told them I just wanted to go in for a second, thinking they would hate this store. They both ended up buying more than I did. I was cracking me up!!!!

Then Saturday night we headed to my great girlfriends house for our annual cook out and to celebrate my birthday. Some of you may remember I blogged about this last year. It is so fun a causal. Callie, my little sister, grilled all the meat and everyone else brought something and then I made Mojitos. We love to get together and sit by the fire and just be together. Be sure to check out my flickr pics of the party.

Carrie, thanks for coming all the way from Seward, Nebraska to come to my party. My friends and I had so much fun hanging out with you!!!!


Anonymous said...

She looks just like Posh!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was from Katy Waterman. No one freak out...that wasn't a stranger!

vwiese said...

Nice Katy ;) That fruit pizza was heavenly, can I get an amen???

Andrea said...

Amen!! I just finished off my share of the leftovers, and its still just as good, after 4 days! YUMMMM!

tish said...

yes carrie does look like posh lol...ha!