the first chop

Last Friday night Brett decided it was time for Hutch to get a trim. Hutch did not have a ton of hair but he was getting some long pieces by his ears and had a sweet curl in the back. I called it a curl, Brett called it a mullet. I decided if Hutch was going to get a haircut, I wanted him to go to a older barber shop where an old guy who was a little intimidating would cut it. None of this sport clips or kiddy hair shops that cater to 2 year olds. I wanted my son to buck up and do it like a man!!! So, I went on a search and found a barber shop not far from our house that was pretty old school. I even noticed these guys using Suave hairspray on other gentlemen getting a trim. NICE!!!
Hutch did great and he looks like such a grown up now. I have to admit, Brett gave him a cookie to keep him occupied while the barber was using the trimmers. I can't blame him, those things are a little scary so close to your ears.

It was a great experience overall exempt for when we went to pay. $16 !!!!! Holy cow!!!!!! I am thinking Hutchy will have to get his hair cut in Sabetha for now on or go see Papa Wiese. I am way to cheap to be paying over $3 for a 2 year olds hair cut.

Here is an after picture of Hutch reading on the toliet. What a man!!!


hello, I am the fuller brush lady!

Although, I love event planning, I have always had a secret love for sales and negotiating (ok, maybe the negotiating part is not so secret). I have been told by several people that I missed my calling in sales but never really knew what to do with that information. A few months back I was approached by someone selling jewelry, one selling purses and one selling make up all in the same month. I just can't get excited about these type of products. It may be because I am too practical and really want something I don't want to feel guilty about buying something that I really don't need. I got to thinking, "What would I spend money on?" my answer: a great quality broom, a new scrub brush for that hard to clean shower, cleaning products!!!!

After months of researching, I found a company called The Fuller Brush Company and right away loved the products and the prices. I guess this company has been around for over 100 years but I had not heard of it. If you know me at all, you know that I would only sell something that I personally love. Having a clean house is another passion of mine and I was getting frustrated with my brooms, cleaning brushes and cleaning products so thought it was time to try this out. Don't get me wrong, I still love comet, bleach and ammonia. I often want to mix them all together to clean but thought that might not be a good idea if I want this baby to be born with no birth defects.

The Fuller Brush Company has so many great products that are 100 % guaranteed and I can't wait to keep trying them. Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you would like to see a catalog. Have to share this product today: the broom below is a great one and is on sale right now. $20 for a great broom that sweeps up even sugar!!!!!!


Sweet Blue Bird

So I debated and debated on what Hutch should be this year for Halloween. Someone had mentioned to have him be Peter Pan with green tights on and I loved the idea. I was not so crazy about him being Peter Pan but I could not get the thought of Hutch in little tights out of my head. So, the research began, what outfits REQUIRE tights? I know, I know, my son may hate me for this when he is older but I could not help myself. After looking on several websites I found this sweet little blue bird costume on Martha Stewarts website.
The directions were terrible but I think it turned out pretty cute. Hutch loved wearing his tights and I am even trying to think what I could dress him in next year that will require another color of tights. Hopefully I can get away with doing homemade costumes for a really long time. It was fun to make and I love it that is was different than everyone else costumes.

There are many more picture and a couple sweet videos of him if you click on the slide show to the left of this post. Oh sweet blue bird!!!!

A few special Thanks: Tammy, thanks for the super cute hat that you made. It turned out so cute, Hutch wore it all night and even to daycare this morning. Andrea, thanks for letting me work on this at your house and for overseeing this little craft!!!