the first chop

Last Friday night Brett decided it was time for Hutch to get a trim. Hutch did not have a ton of hair but he was getting some long pieces by his ears and had a sweet curl in the back. I called it a curl, Brett called it a mullet. I decided if Hutch was going to get a haircut, I wanted him to go to a older barber shop where an old guy who was a little intimidating would cut it. None of this sport clips or kiddy hair shops that cater to 2 year olds. I wanted my son to buck up and do it like a man!!! So, I went on a search and found a barber shop not far from our house that was pretty old school. I even noticed these guys using Suave hairspray on other gentlemen getting a trim. NICE!!!
Hutch did great and he looks like such a grown up now. I have to admit, Brett gave him a cookie to keep him occupied while the barber was using the trimmers. I can't blame him, those things are a little scary so close to your ears.

It was a great experience overall exempt for when we went to pay. $16 !!!!! Holy cow!!!!!! I am thinking Hutchy will have to get his hair cut in Sabetha for now on or go see Papa Wiese. I am way to cheap to be paying over $3 for a 2 year olds hair cut.

Here is an after picture of Hutch reading on the toliet. What a man!!!


The Frazee's said...

that is quite the hair cutting place!! its 10. for the boys to get their hair cut-i think thats plenty high, but they gotta make a living too.

Tish said...

That little Wiese was marked by his daddy...He looks like a fair-haired mini Brett.

Loving the curl vs mullet line.

anna said...

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