Sweet Blue Bird

So I debated and debated on what Hutch should be this year for Halloween. Someone had mentioned to have him be Peter Pan with green tights on and I loved the idea. I was not so crazy about him being Peter Pan but I could not get the thought of Hutch in little tights out of my head. So, the research began, what outfits REQUIRE tights? I know, I know, my son may hate me for this when he is older but I could not help myself. After looking on several websites I found this sweet little blue bird costume on Martha Stewarts website.
The directions were terrible but I think it turned out pretty cute. Hutch loved wearing his tights and I am even trying to think what I could dress him in next year that will require another color of tights. Hopefully I can get away with doing homemade costumes for a really long time. It was fun to make and I love it that is was different than everyone else costumes.

There are many more picture and a couple sweet videos of him if you click on the slide show to the left of this post. Oh sweet blue bird!!!!

A few special Thanks: Tammy, thanks for the super cute hat that you made. It turned out so cute, Hutch wore it all night and even to daycare this morning. Andrea, thanks for letting me work on this at your house and for overseeing this little craft!!!


Jocelyne said...

I love it!!! He makes the cutest little blue bird, especially with those beautiful blue eyes!! I love all your pictures!! They are great!!!

The Frazee's said...

cute...but i just might steal the peter pan idea for next year. how cute would 3 peter pans be?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

So cute, you could dress him as a bumblebee next year with black tights!

anna said...

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fran said...

Oh that is soo cute! You should be able to get away with doing costumes for him for another three or four years, I managed to dress my son as a mouse when he was almost four and last year I dressed him as a bumblebee, in a black and yellow fur costume, he wore little black ballet slippers and tights!