Could there be any more you know know????

About me:

I have seen three tornado’s in my lifetime.

I was my high school mascot for one football season, the bluejay.

I was home schooled for less than a month.

I broke my leg in the first grade and didn’t have enough balance to use crutches so I had to use a walker for 6 weeks. I still don’t have that great of balance.

I want to learn to dance like a machine! You know, like pre crazy Britney, yes, I want to be able to dance like that.


Lazy? No time? ROELAND P!

So, you might all look at this picture and think I got it online somewhere after goggling “White trash” Nope, I took this picture from my front door, that is right. Johnson County is way over rated!! (I will save that topic for another blog) I have seen more than a couple houses that still have their Christmas lights up.

Jan 21st: maybe I can understand. Feb 21st: You are really pushing it but I still don’t think you are lazy; maybe you just don’t have time?? Marcy 21st: You are stinking lazy!!! Get out there and take your Christmas decorations down!! If you want to leave the trees up, fine, but at least hang some sparkly Easter eggs on it or something.

I have often thought about going in the middle of the night and pulling some of the lights out but I just can get the guts to do it. Any volunteers??? I might even pay you or make you a yummy dessert!

Anyway, I have noticed that my blog is mostly venting about things I can’t stand, sorry about that. I am not really that negative of a person but I guess when something irritates me, it really irritates me. I would hope that most people would be irritated to see Christmas lights up every stinking day and night in March. Maybe if I was a bigger fan of Christmas time I would like it but I am an Easter girl myself. Bring out the bunnies and pastels!!! I love it.

In conclusion:

Dear Person that is to lazy to take your Christmas lights down,

I love the little baby Jesus as much as the next person but it is time to move on and think about him rising again from the tomb instead of him being born. Please take down your Christmas decorations, I will even come over and help you out if you want.

Happy Easter,


More about little ole me

What else didn't you know??

I have perfect vision but my hearing is not all that great

Easter is my favorite holiday, I like it more than Christmas and thanksgiving combine.

I am a certified nurses aid and use to work in a nursing home

I sleep with matches by my bedside in fear of the deadly gas sleeping next to me (oh, oops, was that something you didn’t know about Brett, that is not what this post is about) hee hee!

I am pretty good at running a chain saw but at the same time I can paint my nails like the best of them.

If I could pick one food to eat all week it would be: POTATOES!!!! I LOVE EM!!!!

I have had my whole arm up to my elbow in a pig's va- j- j.


Extreme Trash pick up Edition

This weekend was a good one. Spending some good time with my boy and his family, watching the hawks win, doing some spring cleaning giving some good snuggles to Debo and even seeing and movie with my girls.
After the movie Saturday night my friend Andrea ( a go getter, if you will) thought it would be fun to go help out at the Extreme Makeover Home Edition site in the north land and see if we could help out. She is a huge fan of the show and I also like it so I thought it might be fun to do. The catch is that we decided to do it at 12am on Saturday in hopes that we would get to go inside the house and check it out. I guess there are tons of volunteers during the day and not so many at night when they have last minute things to do. We arrived at the site and signed in to be a volunteer around 12 midnight and went to the sight which was pretty cool. As an event planner, it blew my mind out much planning goes into doing this show. I might be sending my resume to LA this week ;) Anyway, pretty cool to see how this show works.

So on to our glamorous volunteer duty, at first we sat down for a little bit, actually more like an hour, with some kinda creepy security guys to wait for a job assignment. We chilled with these guys for a while and got the dirt on how this show works. One of the best parts is when a security guycam in a grabbed a full box of Twinkies that he planned on eating (that is right, all 10 of them). It pretty much confirmed that I think all security guys are kinda fat slobs that got beat up in high school. They become a security officers because it gives them a chance to boss people around and they sometimes get to wear a gun which makes them feel like they can kill anyone. SIDE NOTE: yesterday, I saw a security guy at the Price chopper that could not catch me if he tried, I could have walked faster than he could run for sure!!! I love all people, big and small, but he was a big fella and maybe could have refused a few twinkies.

Anyway, around 1am we started our job, we moved some boxes of food into a tent for the crew to eat the next day and then came the trash duty. That is right, we picked up bags of trash in the three block area of the house to keep things cleaned up. We even had to go into those nasty bathrooms that are in public trailers and dump the trash!! I think I was good until I went to throw a big bag of trash in the huge trash bin and I got what smelled like Meatloaf juice all over me, YUCK!!!! It was pretty gross and we did that for almost two hours. We got our free t-shirt for volunteering but ended up not getting a tour of the house. We could see the inside of it from where we were (pretty much in the driveway of the house) and it looked pretty cool. Not a big fan of the colors on the outside of the house but it is not my house ;)

Anyway, it was fun to do with a friend and if you know me at all you know I will try just about anything just to say that I did it. So here it is " I volunteered on the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition"!!!!!

Here is the link if you want to read more about the family:
Peace out and Ty, can't wait to see you on May 13th on my TV where I helped dump the trash!!!


Great Idea, I'll take it !!!

So my friend John McClain posted on his blog “things you don’t know about me” and it has been dinner conversation around our house. Brett thought maybe I should steal the idea because he thought there were lots of things that people didn’t know about me. I have to say I didn’t really agree at first, I always say I am a pretty normal and average Joe. But then he started listing off things that he thought others would not know about me so I decided to take Brett’s advise and make John’s idea my own ;)

Things you didn’t know about me:

I like it HOT, by this I mean I love to be hot (not just warm) in the winter to the point where I wear sweats to bed and have a heat blanket on high all night. I have to have all hot drinks and soups piping hot in order to enjoy it. My rule of thumb when seeing if it is hot enough is bringing it to a medium boil just before serving it.

I hate teenagers, they are gross, they stink, they don’t clean themselves property, they lack social skills, they are all followers and fall into pier pressure, they are snotty, they dress bad, they think their life is so rough when they don’t know that half of it. I hate them.

I don’t enjoy reading, it is relaxing, and by that I mean I fall asleep within seconds of picking up a book.

I don’t care to talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes after I get off work. Something about being on the phone all day and then having to get on it again to shoot the breeze, I would rather meet you for coffee or dinner if you want to shoot the breeze.

I hate Oprah (who doesn’t really)

I can’t stand people that have speech impediments, it is just lazy not to work on that and fix it. I have zero sympathy.

I love all food but if you make me eat any form of sweet potatoes, I am likely to hurl all over the dinner table.

More to come, didn’t want to give them all away in one blog ;)