Lazy? No time? ROELAND P!

So, you might all look at this picture and think I got it online somewhere after goggling “White trash” Nope, I took this picture from my front door, that is right. Johnson County is way over rated!! (I will save that topic for another blog) I have seen more than a couple houses that still have their Christmas lights up.

Jan 21st: maybe I can understand. Feb 21st: You are really pushing it but I still don’t think you are lazy; maybe you just don’t have time?? Marcy 21st: You are stinking lazy!!! Get out there and take your Christmas decorations down!! If you want to leave the trees up, fine, but at least hang some sparkly Easter eggs on it or something.

I have often thought about going in the middle of the night and pulling some of the lights out but I just can get the guts to do it. Any volunteers??? I might even pay you or make you a yummy dessert!

Anyway, I have noticed that my blog is mostly venting about things I can’t stand, sorry about that. I am not really that negative of a person but I guess when something irritates me, it really irritates me. I would hope that most people would be irritated to see Christmas lights up every stinking day and night in March. Maybe if I was a bigger fan of Christmas time I would like it but I am an Easter girl myself. Bring out the bunnies and pastels!!! I love it.

In conclusion:

Dear Person that is to lazy to take your Christmas lights down,

I love the little baby Jesus as much as the next person but it is time to move on and think about him rising again from the tomb instead of him being born. Please take down your Christmas decorations, I will even come over and help you out if you want.

Happy Easter,


julie said...

vent away my friend! i love it and i'm learning so much about you.

toby said...

For a blog called "don't worry about it", there does seem to be a lot of dissatisfaction in here.

vwiese said...

Hey all,
good news, I saw them outside taking it all down on saturday. Do you suppose that they read my blog???? ;) hee hee

jmac said...

my lights are still up on the roofline, though they haven't been turned on since December. me white trash.