Could there be any more you know know????

About me:

I have seen three tornado’s in my lifetime.

I was my high school mascot for one football season, the bluejay.

I was home schooled for less than a month.

I broke my leg in the first grade and didn’t have enough balance to use crutches so I had to use a walker for 6 weeks. I still don’t have that great of balance.

I want to learn to dance like a machine! You know, like pre crazy Britney, yes, I want to be able to dance like that.


toby said...

Do you think the lack of balance may interfere with the dancing? I'm working on my Harlem shake right now.

vwiese said...

you do have a good point!!! Is balance something you learn?I think it would hot if I could walk on my hands, that is some serious balance. Tobe, you can walk on your hands can't you????

toby said...

I can walk on my hands the way a 10 month old child can walk on their feet. Three of four steps tops most of the time.

kjl said...

Vikk, one of these days we should enroll in a dance class so we can work on your dancing dream! :)