New Years Eve Babe

Happy 29th Birthday Love!!!


Blog Christmas Card

Because I can barely get my Christmas gifts bought, don't even think I am getting a Christmas card out this year. Here you are all, Merry Christmas!!!!

Oh, Debo was to busy sleeping by the Christmas Tree to participate in the picture this year.


come a long way.

Milk shake at 4 months:

Milk shake at 7 and a half months:

As you can see, I have been doing some serious baking in that oven. The "fat face" has begun.


Brett: The Bionic Man

I know, you are all tired of reading "Happy Thanksgiving". I really have not had much to update besides me getting bigger by the day. I now sing "Fat Guy in little coat", every time I put my winter coat on since it gets harder and harder to button it up with each day. I was planning to blog about that but then this came up and I could not pass it up.
The day before Thanksgiving, Brett went to the doctor to get a prescription for a rash on his foot that he could not get rid of. It was not athletes foot or anything like that, it was just a rash that he needed to take care of. So, this little visit to the doctor ended up being a huge ordeal. Besides them cutting off three moles that looked suspicions (they were not cancerous) and giving him some cream for his feet, they did this to him:
I can't tell you how hard I laughed when Brett took off his shirt, I still laugh when I think about it, he is like the bionic man! I guess they think Brett is allergic to something and that is what is giving him the rash on his feet. What is he allergic to?? Nike's?? Brett never goes to doctors, never gets sick and hates anything medical. It is kind of funny watching him try to do everything the doctor is telling him to do. The best part about this "Patch test" on his back is that he can't take a shower for a week so that means baths. I want you to think about a 6 foot 5 inches grown man climbing into a bathtub, ha ha. I mean, don't think about it too much but just a little. ;)