come a long way.

Milk shake at 4 months:

Milk shake at 7 and a half months:

As you can see, I have been doing some serious baking in that oven. The "fat face" has begun.


Carrie Anne Johnson said...

I'd love to be where you are. I'm having a hard day today and I miss my sisters. You are so pretty!!

The Frazee's said...
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The Frazee's said...

oh please, you still look great!! keep on eating girlfriend

vwiese said...

Oh Carrie, come to KC ;) Come see your sisters, we can make cookies all day ;)

Andrea said...

Vikk you look great! Keep him cook'n and dont starve the chef, she deserves all the milkshakes she wants!! (You can run them all off at Brew 2 Brew!) :)