T minus two hours and 5 minutes

Starting in 2hours and 5 minutes, I am one vacation baby!!!!!! Man, there is no better feeling then working like a horse on events for months and then taking a nice breather. Brett is also taking off work, we are like two little kids getting excited about late night slumber parties, fireworks, eating some good grub, hanging out by the pool and just being together. As some of you know, Independence Day is my second favorite holiday next to Easter so I am excited for this time off this week. We have all kinds of fun things lined up to do starting with a Royals game tonight, fireworks display in Shawnee Mission Park, some Okie Joes, time with friends, pool time and Sabetha!!!

We will be heading up to the farm on Friday for a family party and I am almost positive it is going to be one of the greatest celebrations around. I can’t wait to see how great that farmhouse is going to look with big flag bunting!!!

Brett and I are going to start the day by running the annual 5k in Sabetha, which is called the “ Firecracker Run”. It is my favorite 5k to do because it is a pretty easy course and all the people know you and they sit outside their homes to watch and say hi. My favorite part is that they serve sausage and pancakes after the race is over ;) Nothing like running for 30 minutes and washing that down with some grease and syrup ;) No thanks on that but I will be eating great later that night as my Dad will be cooking a lot of pork and all of his family are bringing food and they are wonderful cooks. I hope to be blogging about this on Monday.

Happy 4th of July to you all!!!

p.s. 7/11 is just around the corner ;) the big 2 6. Not sure yet if brett is going to take me to Culvers for the special day, maybe I should try something else ;) Any ideas ;)

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kjl said...

Hope the race went well on Friday!! I think that on 7/11 you ought to head over to the Old 97s concert with us! If you're interested, I'll pay for your ticket for your b-day! :)