Ahh, the glamour

Yes, that is right, friday at my event, a bird decided to crash into the freshly washed windows and land right in the path of where all the guest were going to arrive. and yes, I called housekeeping but do you think it was a priority to pick up a dead bird? Apparently not, I waited an hour and then decided I needed to dispose of it myself because VIP guest were going to arrive any minute. I knew my VIP guests would not shut up about something like this so I did what I had to do.
So, here I am picking up a dead bird and pitching it, Nice work Vikkie Wiese!! Your job rocks!!! Yes, there are fun things about my job, putting orders in for fun flower arrangements, ordering linens, and delicious food but event planners also do a ton of behind the scenes work that is either hard labor or just plain gross.


brett said...

event planner of the year...maybe?

vwiese said...

you are the best husband ever!!

hannah said...

at least you wore pearls for the clean up. nice work vic!

Anonymous said...

Who calls housekeeping just to pick up a dead bird. I thought u grew up on a farm.