Larryville visit

Monday night Brett and I took off work early to do a date night in Lawrence. The plan was to go see the boy who I use to babysit for in college play football (crazy that he is old enough to play football, he was just a little guy when I started babysitting). Because of the rain, his game was canceled but we thought we would go anyway and I am so happy we did, what a great time!

Top 5 fun things we did:

- Stopped by our old stomping grounds where Brett and I fell in love, Yes, Oliver Hall baby!!! We even went up to the 6th floor (were Brett lived) and took a couple picks of us hanging out in the lobby area. It was pretty funny to pretend to be a knocked up college kid ;)
I thought I would take an updated preggers pic while I was up there by the elevator:

- Driving through the beautiful campus and played this game where we decided what each person on campus was like or what their major was. Things like "oh, there is a non trad", "Umm, band nerd to your left", "Oh, that guy is for sure an engineering major" and many other comments were made, it was a fun game and I could have played it for much longer but we were getting hungry for some dinner.

- Eating dinner at Free State Brewery. We met up with our friends the Luce's for some cheese dip and good beer, or at least I hear it was good. It was great to see our friends and laugh together, they are the best!!

- Our visit with the Almanza family, I was completely entertained for a full two hours, it was great. The kids have grown so much since I use to babysit for them in college but their personalities are just the same. I adore this family and hope my kid can live up to these kids, Love you Almanza's

- Lastly, hanging out with Brett was in the top 5 of course, I have always said it, he is the best person to travel anywhere with.
All and all, it was a great time to just get away for a weekend night and be with friends and people I love.


The Frazee's said...

Your little belly cracks me up-how far along are you?

vwiese said...

I am 22 weeks this week ;) 5.5. months ;)

kjl said...

No, YOU guys are the best. We had such a great time hanging with you! :)

Allison said...

Ahhh the Oliver Hall memories!

Tish said...

: ) ignore my facebook question.

sounds like a lovely date my dear. did you label any cool journalism students?