Lets get it started

How do I start me day?
EGGS!!!! got to get that protein so I am not starving at work and start eating things that I would not normally eat. Brett and I laugh about this subject maybe once a week about how people in the office eat and how it is really disturbing. I think I would put down at least one snickers a day and three cokes if I didn't have my eggs to fill me up. So Eggs: thanks so much for keeping me full so I don't turn into a fat slob ;) Brett: thank you for making my three scrabbled eggs to perfection everyday! ;) Yes ladies, my man makes the best eggs ever so don't even try to compete, I don't. In fact I don't even really make them anymore because I am not patient enough to let them cook so I always burn them. I also have the problem of not spraying enough Pam on the pan so I end up eating half the eggs that I cook because the other half is stuck to the pan. As I sit here with my full tummy I think the chickens for the eggs. This was the dumbest post ever, I might try again later to come up with something better. ;) Peace out.


brett said...

let me get this straight...you'd rather have eggs for breakfast than drink down a cup full of chili at 9:00 in the morning?

vwiese said...

hee hee. I had forgotten about the guy at my job that did that. Nasty!!! How about cheese dip at 8:30am, that is even worse!!! ;)