Craigslist, the best list of all.

Several years ago we had some friends tell us they were selling their honda on Craigslist and I really had no clue what they were talking about but just didn't really care to much to research it. Then a couple months later another friend found an apartment on Craigslist and again I was confused. What in the world was this list, who is Craig and where could I find this list? Yes, I am kinda behind the times I guess because apparently everyone has been using craigslist for like 5 years. I just started using it last week when I was looking for a few things for the new digs. This table is brand new in the box and is originally $1,499.00, the seller was asking $600 and I got it for $450 last night plus free delivery (eat your heart out Nebraska Furniture Mart)!!!
Sweet Hots!!!! What will I find next? This might be better than estate sales (sorry Kerry, Andrea and Sarah ;)


ke said...

vikkie this makes me so happy! what a great deal! craigs list is really addicting- be careful. it also makes me happy that you'll have such a big table to entertain!

Anonymous said...

pretty table vikkie, I love you, -Carrie

Anonymous said...

That's a great table Vikkie!
I'm glad you are finally with the times and are on CL. My cousin met her future husband on CL and are getting married this Sept. Very cool!!