keep it casual

Some of you may know that I am not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I am not sure which part I don’t like: The big cheap teddy bears that have writing on them saying “Be Mine”, the dozens of red roses that have more baby’s breath than roses (I hate babies breath), the packed restaurants, the Little Debbie desserts that are covered in nasty sprinkles or just the hearts everywhere. Now, I do have valentines and I love him dearly but he also knows that if he gives me a dozen roses (or carnations) with baby’s breath, I will throw them directly in the trash. Yes, some of you may think that is harsh but I hate them. I do love roses when they are all different colors and they are bunched together with other big bright flowers, not like this:

I hate getting the same arrangement that thousands of other girls are getting; I want something different and bright. I almost think arrangements like this are depressing, I guess Brett can use this at my funeral if he wants. I don’t think I will mind at that point.

Moving on past the flowers, I have to tell you what I am so excited about tonight. For our date night Brett is taking me to Culvers, that is right, HOME OF THE BUTTERBURGERS!!!! I love this place; I love the burgers, the fries and the custard. I love that is will not be packed tonight and it takes less than 10 minutes to get our food. We will not have to wait in line or make reservations or spend an arm and a leg to go there. I am not sure my date is as thrilled as I am except maybe excited because it will be easy on the check book but he loves me so he is taking me there ;) When Brett and I were dating we use to go to really nice restaurants but it was so stressful on me to get ready, wear the perfect shirt, get to the restaurant on time only to wait because they forgot to write your reservation down. NO THANKS!! I just want to be with my valentine and be causal. Every once in a while I like a nice dinner but I would prefer it be on a weeknight when it is bad weather and everyone else is staying at home. One year Brett took me to Chipotle for Valentines Day and we had the best date. Since then we have made it a tradition to go causal for Feb.14th. Try it out ladies; it is way more fun and you don’t spend all night in a restaurant with hundreds of other people. I get to be done with dinner and snuggling while we watch the KU game with my groom by 7:30pm baby!!!! Nothing better than snuggling while it is chilly outside.

Oh, be sure to get some Reeses buttercup hearts today!!! Not to worry, Easter egg Reeses are already in stores. That might be the only thing I love about this holiday, the Reese’s hearts and the fact that Easter it the next big holiday. Easter is my all time favorite!!!!! Can’t wait to break out the Easter egg tree and all my cute bunnies!!!!


Heidijayhawk said...

have a great time guys!

julie said...

i couldn't agree more. no red roses and absolutely no babies breath. puke. i hope you guys had a great dinner, i always use this holiday to actually cook something good.

Cara said...

Baby's breath? Why doesn't the florist just make little spit balls out of toilet paper and fire them into bouquets? It would be more fun...and personal! Or if that's too much work they can stick in used q-tips, because they're just as unappealing as a bunch of baby's breath poked into red roses. Vikk, Culvers is good, but let's not forget Sonic and Chik-fil-a in our fast food solidarity.