No Bear yet

Well, I talked to brett lastnight and still no bear, everyone is a little frustrated I gathered because they drove 22 hours and paid a lot of money to go shoot a bear and only Brett has seen a baby bear. I told Brett I would pray that he would shoot his bear today but I have not been able to bring myself to pray for that yet, seems kinda weird, don't you think?? Any guidance would be nice.

Since I gave a shout out to my friends yesterday for hanging with me I thought I would give a special shout out to my friend Andrea. I have just gotten to know her better over this summer and last Friday she took me to a Royals game with her company, it was wonderful!! I had not been to a Royals game since George Brett times!!
Thanks for the wonderful weekend Andrea, You are wonderful!!!!


Andrea said...

Thanks for the shout out Vikk! I had a blast too! Glad I could re-introduce you to the Rock'n Royals of the 21st century, even though they were much better w/ G. Brett!

Rebekah said...

Fun times at the K! Did you guys have hot dogs?

vwiese said...

you better believe your bottom we had hotdogs. We had Nachos even!!!!