I want Candy

If you don’t know me all that well this may come as a shock but for the rest of you, you don’t even need to read this ;)

Tis the season of candy, Halloween is just around the corner. I would bet to say that I gain mmmmm, maybe around 8 pounds when Halloween rolls around and everyone has candy at their desk and I have a basket full at home when the little kids come around. My all time favorites:

1.) Snickers Bars, Cold or Warm to room temperature.
2.) Easter Egg Reese’s Buttercups (you know what I am talking about, who doesn’t love those)
3.) Reese’s Buttercups (for some reason I like the individual packets better than the ones that come two cups at a time. I love the one cups that you buy around Halloween)
4.) Kit Kat (Simple but delicious)
5.) Heath Bar (this has not always been on my top ten but my dad introduced me to it and I love them)
6.) Nutragoues (some people forget about this one but it is the so stinking good)
7.) Sour Patch Kids (I don’t like to many candies that don’t have chocolate but I do love these little guys)
8.) Milk Duds (I like these only in the movie theaters)
9.) Hershey Kisses with Almonds in the middle
10.) Red Vines (these are not too popular but I have loved them since childhood at the pool in the summer. They are good every once in a while)

So, even though I do eat pretty healthy and that may hide the fact that I am a sugar addict, it is true, I love the sugar!!!

I also love CARBS, I miss the days when meat and potatoes and bread were good for you. I think I could eat potatoes everyday if my butt didn’t blow up like balloon. When you have a metabolism like me, you have to limit it. As you can see I eat mostly eggs, veggies, chicken salad (reason for all the mayo), green tea and I never get enough water. I am pretty sure if I lived alone I would be pushing 300 pounds right now. Thanks to Brett, I do pretty good during the week but when I get my hands on some sugar or carbs, look out KC, I am all over it.

Dear Wal-Mart,
I hate you so much but thank you for all the candy that you stock during the Halloween season, you stock it all and I thank you for that. I especially want to thank you for stocking the Easter Reese’s Egg, you have the best price in town and you allow me to stock up so that the Eggs last until the middle of June. Remember, I still think your store sucks and if I were going to pick one thing to wipe off the face of the earth besides teenagers, it would be you.
Your customer (unfortunately), Vikkie


Anonymous said...

Vikkie, I love how you hate Walmart. Also, I love how you love candy. Although our top ten candy lists are completely different (well, we do share a love for heath and sour patch kids), we do share the weight gain issue during the holiday season. I just cannot eat enough candy. And it doesn't help that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I mean, we really have no time to recover after gorging ourselves this month. I guess we'll be back to normal sometime early next year. ;-)

Crabby Rangoon said...

I also loathe Wal-Mart and if I weren't boycotting them, I too would partake in the candy-trap madness. Moreover, since I'm currently stuck in the land of no chocolate (a.k.a. Hong Kong), I will cry sad little tears in lieu of eating Halloween candy this year. However, I will likely take back those tears on Nov. 1, when I realize that I haven't gained any extra weight. (Although I would take a little extra weight anyday if it meant eating more chocolate. Heck, I used to work at a chocolate shop. I know what's tasty!)

callie said...

You are such a goofball. I don't know how you come up with some of the stuff you post on your blog. You crack me up. Oh, and i hate Wal-mart too sister!!!

jmac said...

that's the cleanest fridge i have ever seen.