come on saturday

Sorry I have not posted yet this week. I am getting ready for " The Party of the century", it is on Friday and I am in charge of all volunteers and restaurants. Brett has been out of town for over 120 hours now and I am starting to get a little depressed. For those of you that don't know, Brett went Bear hunting with my dad, my two brothers and Brett's dad. I talked to Brett lastnight and he did see a bear but didn't take the shot because it was to small. That a boy, don't kill the baby bears ;) Brett said he got a picture of it so I am excited to see and hear about his trip. This was the image on my bed before he left, not sure I will ever see this again but I thought it was funny. My bed was covered in Camo from Cabelas!!!!

Man, I can't wait to see pictures of Brett dressed from head to toe in camo!!!! hot stuff.

Well, he comes home on saturday and I am getting so excited to see him, I have to say I shed a few tears the other night because I missed him. He is a blast to hang out with so of course I miss him. My friends have been rock stars at spending time with me and going the extra mile to make sure I am doing ok. Thank you to all of you that are so wonderful, I feel so blessed to be loved so much.

Well, since I have not pictures of Brett to post and Debo has been one of my best buddy's this week, I thought he deserved a picture in this post.

Dear Debo,

Thank You so much for taking care of me and loving me so much. The nap we took on Sunday was unforgettable and I loved every minute. Hugs and even some wet doggy kisses. Love you boy.

Your Master,



kimberly said...

Can I just say that I really enjoy your blog? You have the cutest dog of all time.

tish said...

lol...your master? loving it.