The Mold

Brett just inspired my post for the day because I about peed in my pants it was so funny and an email I am sure I will never get again:

Vikkie emailed:
Heads up, I am taking a walk with Debo,Baxter and Andrea tonight,
just letting you know. I will be home and then go on a walk at 7:30pm.

brett relied:

cool--i'll be buying boric acid to kill the mold in our basement. fun stuff

I am not sure why this made me laugh so hard but I am wired like that. I guess I just think it is funny because I am just taking a walk with some dogs and hang with my friend and the reply was like: "I am going to save the world and kill some mold"!!! So stinkin funny to me, Ok, maybe not that funny but in case anyone wants to kill some mold tonight, I am sure brett would love someone to help him. I am too afraid to be around mold that is growing and is black an fuzzy!!!


ke said...

boric acid sounds scary.

tishfers said...

i find that funny as well...it is what i would refer to as "an amino acid moment" if you recall what that means. :)