Must focus

Only 6 days until vacation and I am having a hard time focusing these days. Brett and I had a really difficult time deciding where we were going to go this year for "Wiese vacation". We thought we would go back to Hawaii since we went there for our honeymoon almost 5 years ago and it could be a way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary but we just couldn't justify spending that much money. So, I researched and researched and concluded we would go to Cabo, Mexico. So far, I only hear great things about it so I am excited to get there next week. I of course am most excited about being in the sun and soaking up the rays but I am also looking forward to zip lining, snorkeling, maybe renting some scooters and driving them around and eating whatever the h*ll I want to ;) Enough grilled chicken and veggies, bring on the good stuff.

We are staying in this resort called the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, it is suppose to be a great place to stay so hopefully it is everything I want it to be.

If you have been to Cabo, I would love any tips on places to eat or things to do. As an event planner, you know I have day to day activities already planned but I would love to add to it ;)

My goals for this trip:
-Spend some good quality time with my boy, Brett
-Read celebrity trash magazines by the pool
-Finish reading a book I started a couple weeks ago (I know everyone, big shocker that I am reading a book)
-Eat ice-cream every day
-Come back a bronze beauty


donna said...

i think my trip to africa will be similar. maybe. ;)

kjl said...

The resort looks beautiful! You guys will have so much fun!

Tish said...

man...the food and trash magazines are enough to send me into daydream bliss...i will be living vicariously thru you two. can't wait to see ya!!!

Betsy said...

okay, I'm delerking to tell you about Mi Casa in Cabo! It is one of the neatest places to eat. When you enter the restaurant, it looks like a gift shop, then they take you to your table and it opens up to an open air dining area!! Super cool. Also, if they have whale watching...go...it is amazing! I found your blog via huffmania, then laughed because it was funny to see someone from Sabetha, my friend Tiffany grew up there, can't remember her maiden name...have fun in Cabo! Oh, and your vacation will be great if you can find a Spanish speaking friend at the swim-up bar!