Every 6 months

So I was brushing my teeth this morning and getting really close to the mirror to check it all out. Far away, I think my teeth look pretty good but up-close, man!!! So, I could see a little build up that I have missed by brushing and thinking to myself “great, how did I miss that, now next week when I go for my every 6 month check up to the dentist they are going to say something about it”. I can just hear the dental hygienist “Now, Vikkie, I see a little build up back here, and oh I see some over here. Are you flossing? Do you brush twice a day? Are you brushing like this or that”. I suddenly became furious as I was thinking about it and that is when I came to this conclusion:

If I did a great job of cleaning my teeth, what would the dentist have to do? I do an ok job at taking care of my teeth but if I fall asleep on the couch as I watch TV and Brett wakes me up to go to bed, I am not going to run to the bathroom to brush and floss for 3 minutes, I am go to bed!!! Are you kidding me?? I mean, I can go to bed because I have a dentist that I see every 6 months to clean my teeth in a serious way. Even when I work really hard at keep these boys clean, they are never going to be good enough for miss little, I get my teeth cleaned everyday because I work for a dentist and that is my job!!! Come on, they have machines that are plugged into the wall with three prongs on them (vacuum cleaners and large kitchen appliances have three prongs plug ins) !! That is a lot of power they are using and they expect my teeth to be as clean with a little toothbrush and Crest?

Conclusion: I go to the dentist every 6 months to have my pearly whites cleaned; it is not like I wait 2-5 years or until I notice that I have a huge black hole in my tooth? They get it clean; they take care of it, which is what I pay them to do. So, if I blog next Wednesday after my dentist appt. and I don’t sound very happy it is because I got reprimanded by someone that I pay!
I have no clue why I just got all worked up about this but that is what is on my mind today.

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beth said...

stay strong, vikkie.