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So most people that know me know that I am kinda a pro at walking on ice. Whether I am in heels, snow boots or sneakers, I seem to always keep my balance. I am not sure I have ever fallen on ice since I was in elementary school because I just had the balance and coordination to be such a pro. Two days ago I came home for lunch and my husband was telling me about a girl at work that wiped out in the parking lot three times and had to go home to change her clothes because she was such a mess. I laughed my head off and then said “How do you fall on the ice that easy, seriously, just get your balance and walk, it is no big deal”!! I am usually pretty sensitive in general but this is just one thing that I can’t be sensitive about for some reason. When I see people slip when they are walking, I have to hold it as tight as I can to not bust a gut, I just think it is ridiculous and really funny. Last night my girlfriend was telling me how her co-worker slipped and broke her leg, Ha!! Are you kidding me, what the crap, can’t people just be more careful and think a little before they start walking on ice, I mean it is really not that hard!!

I said goodbye to my friend last night, opened the door to go outside and Whhhhhoaaaaaaa!!!! I BIT IT HARD!!!! Can you believe that? I hit my knee really hard on the hard cement and scratched up my elbow a little. I also fell partly on my butt which is always a safety feature when you have a ghetto bootie as I do. I started laughing so hard I could not contain myself. I was one of them, one of those idiots that can’t walk on ice and makes a total fool out of themselves. Fortunate for me, I was with two good girlfriends that could laugh it off with me and I was not with a group of people from work or something.

To all people that suck at walking on ice,

I am sorry for judging you all like that. I know you are good people and you may even be coordinated, sorry for thinking that you guys just didn’t have any sense of balance and athleticism. Next time I see you slip and almost bite it, I will try to not laugh (no promises). If I see you bite it, I will run to you aid and help you up without laughing (no promises). If you are nervous about walking on the ice and you need a hand, I will be there by your side and not even think you are ridiculous (again, no promises).

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Toby said...

Vikkie, this is one of the funniest posts I've seen in a long time. I'm sorry that you hurt yourself. But I just love how you keep calling yourself "a pro."