What a start

So this week I am going to blog about my trip to Chicago. I title my blog what a start because this trip started off on the best foot ever!! As most of you know, the weather got bad last Friday and we had a 7pm flight out of town and we were a little concerned it was going to be delayed and we were not going to get out of KC for hours. So, my girl Katy suggested that we find an earlier flight, I didn’t really think that would be possible but I called Southwest and two minutes later, we were booked to leave at 4:30pm. We get to the airport and we are in line to board the plane and an announcement comes over the intercom “We have over booked the 4:30 pm flight and we are looking for 5 passengers to go on the 5pm flight for a $100 voucher plus the cost of your ticket” We all looked at each other and in seconds decided we were all a go on that. So I ran over to the check in and told them I had three passengers in my party and we wanted to go on the 5pm flight.

They started with the paper work and all three of us were already planning our next girl’s trip!! Just after we got all the paperwork done a Southwest employee came over and said they miscounted and they needed three people to go back on the 4:30pm, we wanted our vouchers we didn’t really want to go but the women behind the counter said “you will still get the vouchers and you can board right now for the 4:30pm flight”. We all just started laughing like a bunch of giddy school girls. It was so funny, we just got $160 bucks in vouchers for 10 minutes of waiting in a line, sweetest $160 I have ever made ;) So we all ran back to the gate to board out plane, it was stinking funny and we laughed all way to Chicago as we thought of places we should go. We decided at that minute that this could very well be the best trip already. What better way to start out a vacation than to do absolutely nothing and get another round trip flight!!!!

Dear Southwest,
I love you and I will always come to you first when I need a flight out of KC, thanks for giving me free money when I didn't do a dang thing!

This was only the beginning of how great this trip was, more to come ;)


Heidijayhawk said...

sounds like a great start to me!

hannah said...

yay! i was thinking about you this weekend, hoping you didnt get shut out by stupid kc weather! sounds great already!

ke said...

it sounds like you would be a great "amazing race" contestant. can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!