Are diamonds really a girls best friend?

mmmm, I do love the bling but what do I love more:

Pan friend chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy!! Mom, thanks so much for making all my dreams come true, this meal hit the spot!! Not sure if I loved it more because comfort food is my main craving these days or if I would have been this excited about it pregnant or not pregnant ;)

I had been looking forward to this meal for about two weeks and I was finally able to make myself borderline sick on it this past Saturday. I am pretty sure I had four helpings of mashed potatoes!! Nice, I am so lady like ;)


Jas said...

that does look good, pregnant or not! so are you spilling the beans boy or girl?

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

who cares about the chicken, I wanna see the belly!

Lindsey said...

Love it! Don't make one excuse for your consumption of said comfort foods... it's all good. Baby likes chicken now!

Tish said...

you are a husband's dream lol

you're about to put every tiffanys out of business...a kfc in their place