My obsession continues!

As some of you may recall over a year ago I posted about one of my favorite shows, yes, the Cosby Show of course.

My obsession with this show is now worse than ever, thanks to cable television and my DVR, I am now viewing 4-5 episodes a day. I have a million other things to do but can't make myself get off the couch to do them. I think the obsession is starting to get out of hand, I have decided instead of getting parenting books on how to raise my first born, I will just use the Cosby Show as my example. I come away from watching that show wanting to work hard at my marriage and soon parenthood. What show makes you want to do that??

Desperate Housewives: Makes me want to gossip
The Hills: Makes me want to go shopping and clubbing all day
Project Runway: Makes me wish I would have learned how to sew from my grandmother
The Office: Pure entertainment!
And the list goes on and on, there is just not a show like this today that has so many great lessons in each episode. (with a small exception of Friday Night Lights but even that is borderline sometimes and it did not even make it to cable this season!)

Top Ten things I love about The Cosby Show:
-I love that Dr. Huxtable is married to a lawyer but they still are tight with their money. I am so tired of America spending more than they make, seriously!!!!
- I love that Dr. & Mrs. Huxable are always willing to talk to their children and that their children know they can come to them about anything! Last night's episode was one where Dr. Huxable had been at the hospital all night to deliver a baby and he came home to rest on the couch and Theo walks in from school. Dr. Huxable was dead tired but sits up to talk to Theo about how his day was, just so happened Theo was having some problems and really needed to talk. Who does that????
- I love how the kids love their parents but when they mess up they are afraid of their parents, I think there is something to say about putting the fear in your kids. There is a lot of stuff I never did because my Dad made it clear that if I did, I was busted in a big way. Claire Huxable can just look at her kids in a way and they know they better watch out. Yet, they still come to them with problems and are honest with their parents.
- I love how the parents both have full time careers but there is always a hot meal on the table and everyone chips in. I love that Cliff values that his wife works outside of the home and values that she is a great cook and mother. We live in a different world today where staying at home full time is very difficult but it is good to know that as a team, you can still sit down to the table as a family.
- I love how Mr. & Mrs. Huxtable are calm and rational with their kids. There was an episode the other night where they found a joint in Theo's text book, they never ran up to his room and starting yelling at him and sent him to drug treatment. They questioned him about it and Theo said it was not his so the parents just dropped it and said how much they loved him and that they were proud of him for not doing drugs. Theo still was not happy with that, he found out who put it in his textbook and made that boy come over to his house to confess this to Dr. Huxtable because Theo wanting to clear his name. Theo never wanted to disappoint his parents and worked hard to gain a respect from his parents. I don't see that often enough, I often see these brat kids in target talking to their parents like they were some kind of idiot. As Claire would say: "I brought you in this world and I will take you out!!!"
- I love how the kids lean on each other for help or guidance. Whether it be Denise helping Vanessa to hide a pimple or Theo asking Denise to make a shirt for him that ended up being a huge hit at school.
- I love that Claire and Cliff are so in love and they keep fun and exciting, he is always chasing her, they also never go to bed angry.
- I love how Cliff meets all the kids friends and takes time to make sure they are good kids before he lets them spend so much time with his children, this does not happen enough these days.
- I love the humor in this family, there is always laughter and it is not sarcasm. I love how they play tricks on each other and some times even use humor as a way to teach a lesson. (The best has to be either when they teach Theo a lesson on money and turn the house into a rental property and make Theo pay rent or when they are trying to teach Vanessa about not drinking and do the drinking game with little Rudy and later she finds out the hard liquor they are all taking shots of is tea, GOOOD STUFFFFF)

Cosby's: Thanks for being such a great show to watch, you make me a better person and I can't say that about any other show I watch!
The End


kjl said...

I haven't watched Cosby in years. It was definitely one of my favorites growing up, but I certainly never analyzed it as carefully as you have! Good stuff! :)

donna said...

great post! i echo all of what you said. we might have to have a cosby watching night some time.

if you're REALLY a cosby fan, by the way, you will know the following quotes:

-chanting: "drink 'er down."
-"welcome, to furn-i-ture ci-ty."
-chanting: "sweet feet, sweet feet!"
-"ja-ja-ja jammin' on the one."

vwiese said...

nice donna,
what about

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

You are such a Betty! Just a regular June Cleaver. Sorry honey, that show is great, but not real life.

vwiese said...

AAhhh, Carrie, you just need to eat a "BACON BURGER DOGGGGG"!

Tish said...

ah babe you really are a sister girl : )

i agree with every cosby point you made...i really do miss programming like that.

every thursday night...i was GLUED to the tv... "BABY!!!"

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

I watched Cosby all weekend! Thanks a lot! Now I'm re-addicted!!