Back at the farm

This weekend I went back to my hometown to celebrate fathers day, it is always good to get out of the city and see the open sky before a thunderstorm. Growing up, I don't think I appreciated the farm but now that my backyard is border line not big enough to put a volleyball net up, I am thankful for the wide open spaces that I had a child.

One thing that was funny to me this trip was a little restaurant we ate at. First of al, this sign is only somewhat true. The did have cold beer and it was only $1.75 a bottle but the food was not to great. In fact, the dinner salad consisted of iceberg lettuce with four small pieces of tomatoes. Yummy!!! Maybe it would be nice to have a little bit of carrots and cucumber on the salad? Perhaps it would add some color? My fries were great, you can always count on small town hole in the wall restaurant to have good fried food. I knew there was going to be great fried food when I walked in and I saw a big fella holding a beer with word "Bub" on the back of his shirt, he may have been just shy of 350 pounds I would say.

Of course I can not go without saying that Debo had a great time on the farm, he sniffed his little heart out and has been napping since we got home last night. He always knows a big bath is coming his way when he gets home from the farm because he stinks something awful. He is a happy boy on the farm, just chilling to the max.


hannah said...

thats it. i want to go to sebetha. i guess i just have to come right out and say it since my hinting isnt getting me anywhere.

brett said...

Phillies was great...especially when the waitress threatened to go
"Lorena Bobbitt" on me if I played with the steak knife