Working for the weekends!

Is it only Tuesday, I feel like in the summer I really work for the weekends. It is really like I make money so I can spend it on the weekends. This weekend I will be spending my money to get my fine self to the lake for some sun, relaxing, and time with friends. You know how people ask "Lake or Ocean"? I think I may be a lake girl. If the ocean didn't sting every part of my body when I jumped in, maybe I would like it more. I feel like the ocean is a lot like the Cheesecake factory. It looks great from the outside and so many people love it but it is just not as good as you would like once you get there. You can't layout at the beach unless you have a tarp to put under your blanket or you will find sand in every pocket of your body for days. But it is most the burning, you shave your legs to look great on the beach and then you run into the ocean and it is like a thousand needles. In conclusion, "Lake vs. Ocean" I pick the lake, call me white trash but it is a good time!
Tomorrow is the first day of summer, bringing the Frisbee, the sunscreen, and the good times with friends. I tried to think of a fun picture to post today but didn't come up with anything great so I figured I would post one of my two brothers playing golf, country style, that's right baby, right into the corn field. Summer is good!

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hannah said...

ah, the weekend. yes. i love it. lake person? really vikkie? but all those dirty carp nibbling your toes? yuck.