Yo Yo Yo, Get your bake on!

So today has been pretty uneventful, I am busy planning for a huge event in September called Treads and Threads, it is a blast but a ton of work to plan. Here is the website if you want to purchase tickets or to volunteer, let me know: www.treadsandthreads.org

Besides working hard I am getting pumped to get my bake on tonight with some girlfriends, we are going to bake like 100 cupcakes for a big birthday bash on Saturday. We are leaving Brett with the kids and baking some yummy cupcakes. I say if we bake 100 cup cakes then there should be at least 30 to bring to the party. Come on, 100 cupcakes and 5 women, ARE YOU CRAZY, that is some good eating. I just thought I would post this picture of the last time I did some baking with my sister, I think we had all 17 cookies gone in about 20 minutes, Nice workCallie!!! Well should be fun and I will be sure to take some pics!!!


hannah said...

i think i ate two, and that was holding back. so fun last night. lets have another party just so we can bake large amounts of sweets, huh?

Anonymous said...

Vikkers!! I love your blog. I too have been a lurker, so this is the end to that. Hannah...hat's off to you for being an avid commenter. Keep up the great work. Vik, if ever you are at a lack of ideas post one about people who "put out fires" at work :) oh, by the way, those cookies look amazing...only you!

vwiese said...

I know you are the anonymous commenter, thanks for the commment. I wil have to think about the "putting out fires" idea. ;)

kerry said...

mmmm... i love me some cupcakes! can't wait to partake on saturday. i wish i could have been there for the baking!

Callie said...

Vikk, those were sure some yummy cookies! We should make cookies together more often.
Love ya!