come on spring!!

Ok, as most of you know I pretty much hate winter. I have tried to be very positive this year about the fact that I have been freezing for going on four months and I have only really seen day light on the weekends this winter. I have not gotten all depressed or ticked about this weather yet but that is now coming to an end. I am offically ready to move out of this state if it does not start gettting warm. Come on, Feb, is almost over. I am ready for some spring showers, tulips, grilling, firepit and EASTER!!! I am going to start hitting the tanning beds hard in about a week if things don't turn around. If you try to call or stop by the house and I am not there. You can find me at Cabana Tan down the street.


Tish said...

NOOOOO don't do it vikk!!! stay away from the tanning booths...unless you do it for seasonal mood disorders and then it's aight ; )

vwiese said...

Tishy, I have more thank seasonal Mood disorder at this point, I have seasonal, I want to kill myself disorder ;)