No, I am not learning Japanese while on maternity leave, I am letting you all know about my new favorite place for a sweet treat. Oh yes, I will always love Foo's and a small town DQ but Mochi-Yo is my new favorite that I finally got to try on Saturday!! Oh, if you are a MTV Real World fan, you may like this place even more since the owner use to be on the Realworld. Mochi-Yo is frozen yogurt with a great tang and fresh fruit for toppings. It is very similar to Pinkberry in LA which I tried a few years ago and loved. Now if we could just get an In-N-Out burger joint up in this city!!

Yes, going to Mochi-Yo does require a little drive "out south" but it is well worth it. Hey, you can stop into the best shoe store in KC too. Habitat Shoe Boutique is doing a drawing right now for some hot shoes and clothes which of course I signed up for and plan on winning (as I always do) ;)

Here are a few pics of our fun visit:
This is me enjoying the sweet goodness

Wes (the owner) from the Realworld is the guy with the red hair.

Pink Bathroom.... Who would not want to pee in a pink bathroom???? yes please!!!!!

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Carrie Anne Johnson said...

Looks like you sat in the new baby corner!! Looks like a fun place to visit next time I come to KC!!