Mothers Day Delight

Well, it is the end of mothers day and I am pretty sad the day is over. I have to say, I think I like mothers day more than birthdays or Christmas (not that I really like either of those holidays all that much). It was the perfect day, my boys took great care of me today and I feel like a million bucks.
Hutch slept in to 7:30am this morning so that was his gift to me along with a full package to pamper myself at a salon. Brett said Hutch picked it out all by himself :)

Then we had brunch at our house with our mom's and some family and who does not love egg casserole (made by Brett of course), orange and cranberry scones and a wonderful fruit salad??? Yes Please!!!

A highlight of the day was dedicating Hutch in church today, it was a very special moment for me to be able to do that on Mother's Day. Hutch slept the whole time but I will never forget it.

Oh yes, the day gets better..... Went out to lunch and home so the boys could hang and take naps while I did a little shopping solo.
To top it off the boys took me out to Mochi-Yo for my new favorite dessert, it was perfect!!!

Now I am headed to bed so extremely thankful for my husband, my sweet baby boy and of course, my MOM's :)
Happy Mother's Day Ladies!!!


Carrie Anne Johnson said...

Hutch, WAKE UP, Mommy is eating your ice cream!!!!

Tish said...

ah sounds like you had a lovely day my sweet : ) we do the same ice cream combo by the way...mango, kiwi strawberry? : )

Jas said...

hutch looks so long in that pict'

Dad Strahm said...

Good thing I didn`t come, that picture of your Pastor`s hands on you and Brett would have made me cry, just like at your Graduation and Wedding......ok, I`m wiping my eyes right now....dang!!